Special Broadcast: LRA36, Radio Nacional – Arcángel San Gabriel, Antarctica

2014 QSL received by Christoph Ratzer

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the following announcement:

LRA Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Argentina Antártida

Special issue

This Saturday, September 21, LRA 36 will make a special transmission from the Esperanza Base, Antarctica Argentina. From 10 to 1115 Argentine time (13 to 1415 UTC) by 15476 kHz 19 meter band.

Receipt reports should be sent to [email protected] and, if correct, will be verified with a special electronic QSL.

The arrival of spring is a very good reason, as well as the proximity of the 40 years of the station that will be celebrated on October 20. The special broadcast will be in charge of the announcers of LRA36: Sabrina Alanis, Beatriz Costilla and Karina Muñoz while the technical operation is by José Calpanchay.

We appreciate spreading this message. You can also send your greetings, comments and suggestions to be read during the program.

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this, Adrian.

LRA36 is one of my favorite stations to DX. Although it’s incredibly difficult to hear their 10 kw signal in North America, I always try and have sometimes been rewarded. This broadcast will take place while I’m attending the W4DXCC conference, but I will still attempt to listen even if remotely through my home SDR. I think I’ll put the amazing AirSpy HF+ Discovery on the job!

Readers: Please let me know if you’re able to snag this broadcast and please consider making a recording for the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

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4 thoughts on “Special Broadcast: LRA36, Radio Nacional – Arcángel San Gabriel, Antarctica

  1. Antoni karol Dianiovsky

    Yes i copy low but copy tks happy to copy swl um 15.476.00 congratulation all people that kiping work this radio .ali the best from Brasil PY1AX tony

  2. Daniel Robinson

    LRA-36 responded today to my report of a May reception with a rather plain eQSL composed on MS Word — the text and graphics I rearranged and re-shot for a QSL. Their nice color QSL, sent to at least one DX’er earlier this year, I also retained just in case they don’t send it out again. It will be interesting to see what sort of eQSL they send out to anyone hearing this special broadcast. On the power, the QSL received here today lists a power of 1.5 kilowatts which seems more in line with reality.


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