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LRA 36 Test Transmission: Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Photo of portion of the Argentine Antarctic Base (LRA36)

[UPDATE: We’ve corrected the time of the test broadcast to Wednesday February 21, 2024.]

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the following announcement:

LRA36 Test Transmission

LRA 36 RADIO NACIONAL ARCÁNGEL SAN GABRIEL will carry out a test transmission on Wednesday, February 21 between 21:00 and 22:00 UTC on its 15476 kHz (USB) frequency.
The new output stage that was installed in the Collins HF80 transmitter will be adjusted.

We welcome your reception reports, as well as audio records and listening videos on the social networks of LRA 36 RADIO NACIONAL ARCÁNGEL SAN GABRIEL and by email to: [email protected]

The dissemination of this information among your fellow radio listeners, die-hards and radio amateurs is appreciated.

Thank you so much


Adrian Korol

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LRA 36 Shortwave Broadcasts: Temporarily Off The Air

Many thanks to SWLig Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the following announcement from Horacio Nigro:

Dear Colleagues,

Alejandro Petrecca (Chief of the LRA1 Transmitter Plant) and Claudio García (technical operator of Radio Nacional El Bolsón and amateur radio operator with previous experience at LRA 36) finally arrived at Joint Antarctic Base Esperanza today. Their mission is to perform maintenance and optimization work on the audio chain, install a new console, and place the FM antenna and the tower that will be used for the new LRA 36 shortwave transmitter.

Upon arrival, they discovered that the output stage of the Collins HF 80 transmitter, which is used to transmit LRA 36 programs on 15476 kHz, was burned out. They also found that the tower sections for the shortwave antenna and the audio console had not yet arrived at the base.

LRA 36 broadcast regularly until January 13. Then, Juan Benavente, the architect of many if not all of LRA 36’s achievements in recent years, was unfairly recalled. With Benavente’s departure, the radio was left in the hands of unqualified people, which is evident by the fact that the transmitter burned out the day after Benavente returned.

The causes of the fire are being investigated, but it is possible that it was due to the incompetence of those who remained at the base. Juan and Nicole Valdebenito (operator) know the sequences necessary to start up the transmitter by heart, but this was not the case with those who came after them.

There are many issues surrounding this matter, but it would be very important to spread this news among colleagues around the world.

At this time, Petrecca and García are installing the FM antenna for local coverage.

It is estimated that the new Studio Console and audio distributor donated by Trialcom, thanks to a personal effort by Juan Benavente, will arrive at Joint Antarctic Base Esperanza by the end of next week.

The output board of the transmitter is also being sent to replace the burned one and keep it in operation during February.

If Juan Benavente had been coordinating, none of these situations would have occurred. Unfortunately, political favors promoted by the previous administration left LRA 36 abandoned in its most important mission, which is shortwave transmission.

JUAN BENAVENTE must return to LRA 36 as soon as possible to sustain the radio until the arrival of the donated new transmitter.

I estimate that if they agree and the planets align, we could resume LRA 36 shortwave broadcasts before the end of February.

Thank you for spreading the above information.

From Horacio Nigro, Montevideo, Uruguay

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LRA 36: Arcángel San Gabriel Feature on Télam

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the following article from Télam which focuses on the good work and broadcast reach of LRA 36, Arcángel San Gabriel in Antarctica.

Click here to read the article in Spanish (original) or click here to read the Google Translate version in English.

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Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel receives a new shortwave transmitter

In the Photo: Adrian Korol , RAE Director , Alejandro Pont Lezica , Executive Director of Radio Nacional Argentina, Javier Gratz, donor of shortwave transmitter, Jorge Taiana, Minister of Defense Argentina Republic, and Lic. Rosario Lufrano, head or RTA (Radio and TV Argentina) during the ceremony.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the following press release from RAE and LRA 36 [note that this article has been machine-translated into English]:

New Short Wave Transmitter for LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel

Defense Minister Jorge Taiana, together with the Joint Antarctic Commander, Brigadier General Edgar Calandín, the head of Radio y Televisión Argentina SE (RTA), Rosario Lufrano, and the Executive Director of Radio Nacional, Alejandro Pont Lezica, headed a ceremony on the donation of a shortwave transmitter to radio LRA 36 “Arcángel San Gabriel”, located at the Antarctic Base Esperanza.

This action – which is part of a new collaboration between the Joint Antarctic Command (COCOANTAR) and public media entity RTA – will allow the station to significantly improve its coverage and signal’s quality, thus keeping its international reach and fulfilling the objective of disseminating the work of the Armed Forces and the scientific personnel stationed in Argentina’s Antarctic bases.

“This is an act of generosity, of solidarity with the Argentine people as a whole… it is also an act of patriotism, because it will make it possible for all of us to listen to radio broadcasts from Antarctica”, said Taiana.

For the Minister, “it is important for all Argentine men and women to have present, in their minds and hearts, that there is a part of our territory down there, and that there are Argentine men and women working hard in that continent”.

On his part, Lufrano said: “We have always said that our National Radio and Public TV must be broadcast by land, by sea, by air, and we are fulfilling that mission. It has been an honor to bring this piece of equipment on board of icebreaker ARA “Almirante Irízar” so that they could listen to all our programming, listen to our radio and watch our public television”.

In his turn, Brigadier General Calandín said: “For us it is a joy, an enormous satisfaction, to be able to show all that Radio Nacional and the Ministry of Defense have done to contribute to Argentine sovereignty in Antarctica”.

And he pointed out: “This transmitter will allow us to spread Argentine culture, all that Argentine culture means for Argentine sovereignty in Antarctica…this is essential to us”.

Javier Gratz, the donor of the transmitter, was present at the event and he stressed that the piece is entirely manufactured in Argentina.

The donation was preceded by a technical survey carried out at the Joint Antarctic Base Esperanza by Alejandro Petrecca (Head of Radio Nacional’s Transmission Plant in Pacheco) and Engineer Alejandro Alvarez, and promoted by the relationship they have with RAE (RadioDifusión Argentina al Exterior).

The event was broadcast by AM 870 and the entire public radio network throughout the country. The special program was attended by the director of Radio Nacional, Alejandro Pont Lezica; RAE director Adrián Korol; journalist Marcelo Ayala (who was in Antarctica earlier this year broadcasting from there) and hosts Mario Giorgi and Federica Pais.

LRA36 began transmissions on October 20, 1979 and since then has been operating non-stop from the Esperanza Base in Antarctica, Argentina. It is one of the most sought after stations by shortwave listeners from all over the world, and its signal has been picked up in places as distant as Alaska, Iceland, Japan, most European countries, and Latin America.

It is the only public radio station that broadcasts from Antarctica on shortwave, a characteristic that, added to the fact that it is operated by personnel of the Joint Antarctic Command, makes it unique in relation to the other stations of Radio Nacional, such as RAE.

In 2022, and for the first time, the entire LRA36 team was integrated by women only. The same happens this year and in 2024, as well.

Radio Nacional staff, teachers from the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, RAE and the Antarctic Joint Command, under the coordination of Juan Carlos Benavente, all take part in the training of the station staff as well as in the general coordination.

Being a radio station of international scope, its goal is to disseminate Argentine culture, but above all, the work of our Armed Forces in the Antarctic bases, the scientific research work and, fundamentally, the long-running historical claim of Argentine sovereignty over this portion of Antarctic territory.

The transmitter will have a power of 10 kw and is expected to be working effectively during the Antarctic Campaign 2024.

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Radio Waves: BBC Monitoring Story, Police Comms Backdoor, LRA 36 Inclusion, and New 1000 kW Transmitter in Pakistan

Radio Waves:  Stories Making Waves in the World of Radio

Welcome to the SWLing Post’s Radio Waves, a collection of links to interesting stories making waves in the world of radio. Enjoy!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributors Ulis Fleming, Mark Hirst, Mangosman, and Adrian Korol for the following tips:

The story of BBC Monitoring (BBC World Service)

The Global Jigsaw is brought to you by BBC Monitoring, a part of the BBC you may not have heard of. This team of journalists reports on media from 150 countries in up to 100 languages and provides information and analyses to BBC newsrooms and the UK government, as well as commercial clients including universities and thinktanks. It also has an intriguing and, at times, dramatic history dating back to the eve of World War Two. This bonus episode is all about us.

Researchers find deliberate backdoor in police radio encryption algorithm (ARS Technica)

Vendors knew all about it, but most customers were clueless.

For more than 25 years, a technology used for critical data and voice radio communications around the world has been shrouded in secrecy to prevent anyone from closely scrutinizing its security properties for vulnerabilities. But now it’s finally getting a public airing thanks to a small group of researchers in the Netherlands who got their hands on its viscera and found serious flaws, including a deliberate backdoor.

The backdoor, known for years by vendors that sold the technology but not necessarily by customers, exists in an encryption algorithm baked into radios sold for commercial use in critical infrastructure. It’s used to transmit encrypted data and commands in pipelines, railways, the electric grid, mass transit, and freight trains. It would allow someone to snoop on communications to learn how a system works, then potentially send commands to the radios that could trigger blackouts, halt gas pipeline flows, or reroute trains.

Researchers found a second vulnerability in a different part of the same radio technology that is used in more specialized systems sold exclusively to police forces, prison personnel, military, intelligence agencies, and emergency services, such as the C2000 communication system used by Dutch police, fire brigades, ambulance services, and Ministry of Defense for mission-critical voice and data communications. The flaw would let someone decrypt encrypted voice and data communications and send fraudulent messages to spread misinformation or redirect personnel and forces during critical times. [Continue reading…]

Radio from Antarctica: sovereignty, identity and inclusion (télam – Translated from Spanish)

The station aims to inform about the Antarctic activities that are carried out in the different Argentine bases, to disseminate the country’s culture to the rest of the world and also to “Malvinize from Antarctica”, highlighted its coordinator, Juan Benavente, in dialogue with Télam 

Antarctic identity, sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and inclusion are the axes of the programming carried out by LRA 36 Radio Nacional “Arcángel San Gabriel”, installed at the Esperanza Base in Argentine Antarctica , from where almost 44 years ago it began broadcasting on different frequencies to around the world and that this year it has been developing a series of technical and content innovations to amplify its dissemination strategy.

Regardless of the national situation, the station aims to inform about the Antarctic activities that are carried out in the different Argentine bases, to spread the country’s culture to the rest of the world and also to “Malvinize from Antarctica”, reflecting not only testimonies of war veterans but also of stories that unite sports and education with the archipelago, indicated its coordinator Juan Benavente.

As in the case of the “historic” communication made on March 15 with the Argentine marathon runner Daniela Badra when she was in the Malvinas to participate in a competition and which was broadcast to the world via short wave band during the “Uniendo Voces” program. . “This was something that filled us with emotion, it is something that had never been done before,” said Benavente, in dialogue with Télam.

Its inauguration in October 1979
LRA 36 broadcasts to the world on shortwave and is currently the only station on that band in the country. It works jointly with Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior (RAE) – in charge of the experienced producer Adrián Korol – and they are listened to from places as far away as Alaska, Iceland or Japan, according to the latest reception reports. It also transmits by modulated frequency with local reach and a few years ago added streaming over the internet. [Continue reading in English, or in the original Spanish version…]

A new 1000 kW transmitter commencing construction to match the Indian one on the other side of the common border

Many thanks to Mangosman who writes:

It’s now happened https://www.radio.gov.pk/30-07-2023/marriyum-aurangzeb-performs-groundbreaking-of-pbcs-digital-transmitter-in-rawat

$US 14 million is the price

Location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Rawat,+Islamabad,+Islamabad+Capital+Territory,+Pakistan/@33.4953825,73.192091,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x38dff190effb3607:0xd69db1f7c3dccba4!8m2!3d33.4951028!4d73.1969108!16s%2Fg%2F11bc5zzsz6?entry=ttu


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Six hour LRA 36 transmission this weekend, April 22, 2023 starting at 22:00 UTC

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, of RAE who shares the following announcement: 


The winter 2023 staff arrived to Base Antartica Conjunta Esperanza .

They are all Antarctic women:


OP: Nicole Valdebenito


Saturday April 22
from 20:00 UTC to
Sunday April 23
02:00 UTC

15476 khz (USB)

Coordination: Juan Carlos Benavente

TC Gustavo Cordero is our LRA 36 Season 2023 Director

Overall Supervision : Adrian Korol (RAE Director)

LRA 36 URL AUDIO STREAM: https://vmf.edge-apps.net/embed/live.php?streamname=sc_rad32-100131&autoplay=true

LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel

ask for your eQSL
reception reports: [email protected]


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LRA 36 Special Broadcast: “Uniting Voices” this Saturday (March 11, 2023)

In the studio of LRA 36, Antarctica

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who shares the following announcement:

New broadcast of “Uniting Voices” on LRA 36 “National Radio Archangel San Gabriel”

SATURDAY MARCH 11 – 18:00 ART Argentina Time (21:00 UTC) until 24:00 ART Saturday (03:00 UTC Sunday)

Six hours of uninterrupted short wave radio from Antarctica

The Antarctic station of Base Esperanza will broadcast a new program of the special summer cycle called “Uniting Voices”. The broadcast will include interviews, special notes, cultural information, news of activities developed during the 2023 Antarctic Summer Campaign, National Radio podcast and music.

Production: Commando Conjunto Antarctic, Radio Argentina Exterior (RAE) and project “Uniting Voices” of the National University of Quilmes.

Listen to the program on 15.476 kHz (USB) shortwave, starting at 21:00 UTC on March 10, 2023.

Internet: www.radionacional.com.ar , Select Stations, Land of Fire, LRA36.
LRA 36 Whatsapp: +54 9 297-624-0137

Reception Reports to: [email protected]

Thank you for the tip, Paul!

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