Tecsun H-501 prototype drawing and photo

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Robert Richmond, who shares two images of the Tecsun H-501 dated June 21, 2019 from this radio forum.

As Robert notes, “Probably a prototype, so YMMV.” Very true–it’s quite possible further changes could be made to the design or silkscreening before a full production run.

The photo above with BG71CA does give us an indication of the radio’s overall size.

Thanks for sharing, Robert!

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13 thoughts on “Tecsun H-501 prototype drawing and photo

  1. Mark

    I have to admit, Tecsun radios are starting to look and feel very outdated, I’m really not impressed with these so called latest radios. They even look older than the PL-880 and S-8800, it’s not even funny any more.

    I wonder is the SSB distortion gone on these so called new radios ?

  2. Robert Richmond

    H-501 in action videos:



    Looks like a H-501 announcement or product briefing video at a convention, event, etc.:


    More PL-990 in action videos:



    DX2008 in action:


  3. John Figliozzi

    Hmmm, I wonder if this is also the blueprint for the Eton Elite Satellit listed as a future produce on Universal Radio’s website. The form factor certainly shows similarities and the disclaimer on the Universal page picture says “subject to change”.

  4. Robert Richmond

    Seems I should have kept skimming the thread. More pics! o.0

    Back of H-501:


    A comparison shot:


    PL-501 being held and examined at fourth photo:


    PL-990 photo:


    330, 990, 501 comparison:


    Tecsun DX2008 (?!) apparently with sync and SSB:


    Other interesting recent Tecsun product shots:







  5. James Fields

    It appears Tecsun has abandoned the VHF air band for good. It was gone from the PL-880 and both of these new Tecsun models have left it out.

  6. Dan Robinson

    Can’t see why they would put the audio jacks on the front of the radio rather than on the side.
    Still unclear is exactly what changes have been made for this receiver in comparison to others such as the 880/990 etc
    And the similarities with old Grundig designs continue to be clear.

    1. RonF

      > And the similarities with old Grundig designs continue to be clear.

      How old? (I’m also a vintage radio guy, so I suspect our definitions of ‘old’ may differ 😉 ). But many (all?) of the “modern” post-bankruptcy, post-Koç buyout, post-early 00’s Etón/Grundig radios – like the Satellit 750, Satellit 800, etc. – /are/ Tecsuns…

  7. Ryan Herbrechtsmeier

    With the audio connections being on the front of the case for now, is there any consideration to putting at least a line out on the back? I know this is a portable radio but bumping that while listening could become an issue with the radio.

    1. RobRich

      Only thing exposed on the back I have seen to date is a tilt bail.

      I kept skimming the linked forum thread, and there are more images, including the back.

      Thomas, I sent you email with direct links to those posts if interested.


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