Short film about RIAS (Rundfunk im amerikanischen Sektor)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gerhart, who shares links to this short 1994 film, produced by Deutsche Welle TV, about the West Berlin radio station, RIAS:

Part 1:

Part 2:

I’m curious if any SWLing Post readers ever listened to or logged RIAS while living or travelling in West/East Berlin during the Cold War years. Please comment!

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3 thoughts on “Short film about RIAS (Rundfunk im amerikanischen Sektor)

  1. justrecently

    I listened to RIAS in the 1980s, but never wrote a reception report. The world didn’t look like if the station would close down any time soon, and there seemed to be no need to hurry.
    Where I lived, in northwestern Germany, reception of RIAS, just as of Südwestfunk, Bayerischer Rundfunk, SFB or Radio Bremen on shortwave was always easy.

    Here’s a link to a number of soundfiles – programs recorded by Hans Rosenthal for RIAS. Rosenthal was a media worker who also ran a nation-wide television show.

    Some of his programs reflected history. So do these soundfiles.

  2. Dan

    Thanks for posting this — of course we have remnants of RIAS today with the transmitter being used in Germany by various stations.

    I well remember listening to RIAS on 6005 khz in those far back days when numerous German regional stations were still on shortwave


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