Dave updates and adds “light” reviews

The CC Skywave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), who writes:

Just FYI, for those who may have missed this :

My light reviews on the CCrane Skywave and Retekess TR604 (AM/FM only set), are now posted on my web page. These are the first 2 reviews on this page :


Also have updated my V-115 / V115 review. New test sample with the latest 1.4 firmware.


Thanks for the update, Dave. In your review you note the virtues of the Tivdio/Retekess V-115 (a.k.a. Audiomax SRW-710S) as an mp3 player. That’s how I’ve been using my unit as of late. It makes for a nice portable player with reasonable audio. The last time I traveled to Quebec for a couple months, I used this rig to make a few off-air recordings of my favorite FM radio program: C’est si bon” with Claude Saucier. I only recently re-discovered these recordings on the MicroSD card in my radio and have been enjoying listening to them since.

Listening to the BBC Midwinter Broadcast, with some limited success, on June 21, 2017 in Québec.

I also recommend the V-115 as a very affordable radio that can record off-air broadcasts. As we’ve also mentioned in past reviews–and as Dave notes–it has some issues with internally-generated noises, etc. but for the price it’s hard to complain. It’s currently $24.99 shipped on Amazon (affiliate link).

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5 thoughts on “Dave updates and adds “light” reviews

  1. Robert Freier

    What I did was pull out the 6 screws from back. Follow the black wire from antenna to pc board. Then unsolder wire. Cut about an inch off and solder back. The noise will be greatley improved. On mine the wire was laying on tunner.

  2. Bill Lee

    Ah, C’est si bon on Saturday nights.

    ( Just enough “English” to annoy the francophone radicals
    Radio-Canada Langue TwitterTWITTER
    Le web sème ses mots à tout va, nous fauchons les fautes sans vergogne. (Formule concoctée par Florent Daudens) )

    I really like the evening Jazz programme, Le Jazz est la (also lots of English) with trumpeter Stanley Pean.

    and the music played (go backwards in time in the Playlist Archive)
    Quand le Jazz est lla is weekday,
    Ce si bon is weekend Saturday 4th, 11th etc, January
    16 h 00 – 19 h 00
    C’est si bon Musiques diffusées[arrow down]

    1. grantbob

      On the V-115, the version number shows at the top of the Menu screen. Just hold down the Menu button until it appears.

      1. adid

        Well, not on my first Srw710s which I have for a very long time.
        So I went and grab a second one I have (V115 batch), still in wrap waiting to be given and indeed it show as 1.3. Thank you.


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