Jesse’s DX-390/ATS-818 modifications

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jesse (W9JES) who writes:

I’ve been busy enhancing my Radio Shack DX-390. I added an IF-Out jack for my SDR, changed out the light for a LED, added a latch circuit for the light switch, added static protection, and disabled auto-mute. My blog with full instructions is at

Thank you, Jesse!  Here are links to the various modifications Jesse has documented:

Click here to check out Jesse’s website.

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2 thoughts on “Jesse’s DX-390/ATS-818 modifications

  1. Ken

    Hi Jesse,
    Picked up a 390 on recently and found your web site.
    Really nice!!
    Can a backlight LED, like you show, be wired to be “on” all the time??
    Thanks, Ken in NJ

  2. Neil

    I have one of these radios I bought new back in the 90’s
    I did an “anti-chuffing” mod about 5 mins after I bought it that drove me mad.
    I Still have it here , I should fire it up & see if it still work 😉


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