New KB6IBB SWL Logger version for MacOS

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Valery Titievsky, who writes:

Good news from Jeff, KB6IBB.

I’ve waited a long time for this news and it has finally happened!

Jeff has published a new release of his “KB6IBB SWL Logger” now for Mac OS.

It is available as a free download here:

Excellent news!  Thank you for sharing this tip, Val!

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7 thoughts on “New KB6IBB SWL Logger version for MacOS

  1. Peter N5UWY

    Looking for something to consolidate various MW logs. Thought this would be great. Until I got the goofy audio welcome (some sort of robot claiming to be at my service). Then when I deleted the sample record I got the same goofy robot telling me that I’d exterminated the record. I searched the preferences screen and there was no way to avoid the childish audio.

    It’s also not packaged in a Windows-like manner (drop this file here and that file there) meaning it would be hard to manage updates, removal, etc. I only run Windows because of radio software but all the other software I run has a proper installer.

    So yeah … no. Off it came.

  2. Jack

    Update: Jeff revised and rereleased the MacOS version. I downloaded it and find that it is working quite well on my MacBook.

  3. Jack

    Unfortunately, the MacOS version is no longer available and has been indefinitely cancelled. From KB6IBB’s Facebook page:

    “Bad News. The MacOS portion of the project is hereby cancelled until further notice. I was finally able to track down the the nil exception errors. This is associated with downloading the software from Sourceforge and being a “unrecognized” developer. The Apple security prevents the Logger from reading and writing to it’s own directory. It’s basically locked it down, thinking it’s some type of harmful program. It’s become more work than it’s worth for wide distribution at this point. The Windows and Linux versions will still move forward.”

  4. Richard

    I tried to test version 3.5.1 Win64 but it does not work on Windows 7. Error “An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down.”

    There appears to already be a ticket on sourceforge (Friday April 24, 2020 – KB6IBB SWL Logger Instal Problem) with the same error experienced on a Mac.

    Does anyone know where to get prior versions of the software? There is no archive on sourceforge. I previously tested this program using v3.0.0 RC2.

  5. Kevin

    Getting an error message when I run the app: “SWL-Master.sqlite not found.
    Critical Error, Check Installation” The .sqlite file is in the same folder as the app though.


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