Panasonic RD-9820 Antenna Coupler Operating Instructions

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Hemphill (WD9EQD), who shares a PDF copy of the Panasonic RD-9820 Antenna Coupler we recently mentioned in a post. He notes that he can’t remember how he found this manual, but thought he’d share it.

Click here to download the RD-9820 manual as a PDF.

Thanks, Bill!

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One thought on “Panasonic RD-9820 Antenna Coupler Operating Instructions

  1. Fernando Costa

    I have an PANASONIC RF-2200 (USA 117 V version) sold to me in 70´s by an American colleague from Cabinda Gulf Oil Co.
    I found the RD-9820 Coupler the perfect matching device for my receiver. I’m interested to found one in good condition and at reasonable price.

    Best regards.


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