British Antarctic Survey Annual Midwinter Broadcast test today (June 14, 2020) at 2130 UTC

Halley VI Research Station on the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica (Source: British Antarctic Survey)

Many thanks to the British DX Club who shares the following information about a BBC Midwinter Broadcast test being held later today:

The annual 30-minute Midwinter broadcast to British Antarctic Survey staff in Antarctica is scheduled by BBC WS for Sunday 21st June.

Ahead of this, two frequencies will be tested Sunday 14th June 2130-2145 UTC from Woofferton (UK): 5790 and 7360 kHz.

Other frequencies to be confirmed.

I will certainly attempt to catch the test broadcast as I plan to record the 2020 Midwinter Broadcast on June 21 as I do each year.

Of course, I’ll also collect, curate and share SWLing Post community recordings of the midwinter service as well. Always a highlight of my listening year!

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5 thoughts on “British Antarctic Survey Annual Midwinter Broadcast test today (June 14, 2020) at 2130 UTC

  1. Troy Riedel

    I saw this published today:

    The BBC Antarctica winter solstice broadcast will be on June 21 at 2130-2200 UTC on three of the following frequencies:

    7360 WOF
    5790 WOF
    9580 ASC
    6170 ASC

  2. Richard Langley

    The three frequencies 5790, 6170, and 7360 kHz were all received here in New Brunswick, Canada, but 7360 kHz by far the best. 9580 kHz, also used for the test, was not checked.

  3. Gene

    Heard here in Western Pennsylvania USA. Low audio in the beginning but signal and audio were very strong towards the end of the test broadcast.

  4. Philippe

    I catched the test broadcast from France, i’ll give you the youtube link when it will be online 🙂


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