Can you help Bruce identify this buzzing noise from the 31 meter band?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bruce Atchison, who writes:

I’m hearing an intermittent buzzing noise on 9820kHz each evening at around 4:00 UTC. What could it be?

Sorry the quality isn’t as good as I’d like, but here’s a recording:

Thank you for sharing this recording, Bruce.  My hope is an SWLing Post reader will be able to correctly ID the source. Please comment!

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5 thoughts on “Can you help Bruce identify this buzzing noise from the 31 meter band?

  1. neil

    It would be great to see a spectrum of it, as listening to it only is hard 🙂
    As someone suggested, it sounds like a signal that is being broadcast to jam another broadcast to me.. I have heard similar many (many!) years ago from Australia when some nations in SE Asia didn’t want their people hearing outside broadcasts.
    I be wrong, but the BBC broadcasts on 9825 kHz in Persian to Iran from 03:30 -04:30 UTC … just sayin’ 🙂

  2. Andrew

    Did a bit of searching; that frequency is also listed for RRI Galbeni EM2 that is Radio Romania International transmitting in DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) mode … so, could it be a DRM signal ?

  3. Jesús YV8JET

    Hello from Venezuela, that sounds to me like a signal of sabotage or interference that is emitted from Cuba. RMI and radio Martí are usually the targets. 73

    1. Tom Servo

      This is exactly what it is. Cuba’s sloppy jammers throw noise up and down the dial, well beyond their intended target. I live in an area where their jamming signals are particularly strong, so I hear these noises in very odd places, but never that far from an actively jammed Martí broadcast.

  4. Andrew

    At a very quick check it sounds like some kind of cw signal; it would be useful to hear recordings made using different modes (say am, fm, ssb) it would alao be useful to know if the signal disappears wgen lowering the gain, since it may even be a ghost signal splattering from a different frequency


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