April’s collection of Japanese language WebSDR recordings for June 2020

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, April TimeLady, who writes:

This is a collection of SDR recordings made of Japanese language radio stations for June 2020.” It may be useful to note that I had encoded them at .ogg from .wav, and archive.org automatically converts audio to .mp3 format. The great majority of the recordings are from NHK JOAK Tokyo; I have reason to believe that it broadcasts in AM Stereo. Those recordings with “sas” in the filename are in stereophonic sound, or supposed to be at least. I am unsure if what I hear are artefacts of skywave or AM interference or actually stereo, but it seems to be so when I listen to the playback of such files. The English language Wikipedia article on AM stereo is definitely not complete when it comes to Japanese radio stations, and there does not seem to be a corresponding article on the Japanese Wikipedia..

Click here to listen on the Internet Archive.

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4 thoughts on “April’s collection of Japanese language WebSDR recordings for June 2020

    1. April

      I thank you for a link to the article. My Japanese literacy is very limited (about “good enough” to play simple video games) so I have to run it through Google Translate. But the information is still very useful.

      It should be noted that I have discovered that some of the long recordings (7-10 hours) suffer from some kind of weird slow down that I think happened when my transcoding program to .ogg used the wrong sampling frequency. I will have to be more careful of this sort of thing in the future. I apologize to anyone reading this who has discovered this.

  1. April

    I sincerely hope these uploads help to spread understanding throughout the world. It is limited by what I’m actually interested in (music programs, anime stuff, shortwave) and hard drive space.

    1. Thomas Post author

      I think it’s fantastic, April. I know all to well how much time it takes to record, curate, and upload these files to share. Thanks for taking the time to share them!



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