LRA36: Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel test broadcast Saturday July 11, 2020

Source: Base Esperanza – Antártida

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the following notice from the Argentine Antarctic station, LRA36:

Saturday, July 11, from 1400 to 1500 UTC, a test broadcast from LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel on 15476 khz using USB.

Thank you for the tip, Adrian!

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4 thoughts on “LRA36: Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel test broadcast Saturday July 11, 2020

  1. Prashant V

    Hey hi,
    Myself Prashant V from India (south region). I have craze in tuning shortwave stations.

    {?Few days back I bought Xhdata D-808 radio from Amazon India for $110(?8970) I tried on AliExpress for ?6150 but they refused to give delivery to India because of Covid 19 virus issue. So I purchased it from local Amazon website.. because I get so excited about it’s cool features reviews. But now I returned it! Because in my area there’s no FM coverage, only one mediumwave station playable at daytime, no longwave, no AIR band coverage! Only I can hear Shortwave clearly in this radio in my area. Honestly it’s not this radio’s mistake.. it’s mistake of my area where local radio network coverages are not good at all.. sorry to say in my area this radio not worth single dollar.. and it’s not sense to spend $110 dollar for this radio only to listen few shortwave stations.. I can buy a best smartphone on that price.. I’m not saying this radio is dumb. It’s just super radio I really agree. But not in my area. So I returned the xhdata d-808 and ordered simple analog radio “Tecsun R-9012” from Amazon India.. yes I did.. I have no more hope in mediumwave and FM coverage in my area. So finally I bought this Tecsun R-9012 analog radio only for Shortwave reception.. I hope I made a good choice..}

    Ok now I’m going to tell what real matter is; in my tecsun-r9012 I found 2 sw stations which I listening every day: 1)KNLS(13760)-3:00-4:00(utc) morning
    2)R.Habana Cuba(13780)-12:00-15:00(utc)evening

    I want to discover more stations which could serve my area!

    I watched your video of “UNDERSTANDING SHORTWAVE TARGET” in YouTube. This one is very helpful video but there’s one bug!!

    So, can you tell me how to find out shortwave transmission or signal or antenna direction?!!

    How can I find out that one particular station for example relaying from Turkey transmission direction is targeted to West(American countries) or East (Asian countries)!!??

    So I think antennas direction is most important.. so please let me know how to find out?!!

    And one more request can you please suggest me few sw stations which could serve my area (especially music, and also talk show) thank you..

  2. Harald DL1AX

    A future test broadcast from 1700 UTC till 1900 UTC would give listeners in Europe a chance for catching the USB signal. What kind of antenna is used at LRA36?

      1. Harald DL1AX

        Very good, Adrian, many thanks. A signal from LRA36 indeed was heard here on Saturday from around 1700 UTC until after 1800 UTC. Signal was weak but readable. Many thanks too for the eQSL I received a short while ago in around 24 hours after sending a report. I am looking forward to the next transmissions.


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