New videos take a tour of Icom IC-705 features and functions

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike, who writes:

Hi, Tom: Icom Japan have just published a couple videos in Japanese where and enthusiastic JH1CBX takes us on a tour of the new IC-705. Although many of us don’t speak Japanese, it’s easy to understand what she’s talking about as she tours the radio features, functions, and ports. I’ve had an IC-705 on “pre-order” for months now, so I appreciate the preview. Perhaps Icom UK or America will follow-up with some videos as well. Thanks for all you do for the shortwave and ham radio community, Tom. 73, Mike


Thank you Mike! I plan to review the IC-705 and look forward to seeing how well it works in the field.

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1 thought on “New videos take a tour of Icom IC-705 features and functions

  1. Mark O'Byrnes

    Not a fan really, don’t need screen sucking energy from that tiny over priced what, 7.4 volt battery ? no reason they couldn’t stick a 12v in like Xiegu do for the X5105 and it would allow 10 watt operation.

    IC-705, too much bling for me, I really liked the profile of the Xiegu X5105 and if Icom came out with such a radio I’d buy it tomorrow. I’d have the Elecraft Kx3 before this 705.

    The 7300 has harsh sounding audio and I bet this 705 sounds as bad but I live in a quiet area with a very low noise floor so I notice things like this a lot more than many People who swear the 7300 is the best thing ever, no it isn’t, far from it. I am selling mine and after using a friends 590SG I now have a TS-590 SG on the way because it’s got better filtering and better audio and it’s got buttons and the pan adapter built in should I want a waterfall but waterfall might allow me see signals but won’t do anything to make me hear better.

    705, too expensive,
    no tuner
    too much bling
    too many features I don’t need but I do have to say the bluetooth sounds interesting, if you could connect a bluetooth headset that would be cool but I wouldn’t buy it for that it costs way too much especially having to take a battery for 10 watts.

    For SOTA the 705 would be compact but the X5105 more compact and battery lasts a long time and it’s a lot cheaper. But as I said, I’d have a Kx3 before I would the 705.

    The X5105 is all anyone like myself would need from a 5 watt radio that is really only interested in HF or the Xiegu G90 or better again, the FT-891 5-100 watts, great receiver with great audio even without DNR that’s a pleasure to listen to with headphones and it’s one radio I will never sell.

    Just my opinion.


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