The lab599 Discovery TX-500 QRP transceiver price and anticipated delivery via HRO

This evening, I discovered that HRO now has the long-awaited lab599 TX-500 transceiver available for purchase on their website.

I had actually placed an order for the radio, but I’ve asked to cancel it because I should have a loaner available for review.

Without a doubt, the TX-500 is one of the most anticipated QRP transceivers this year. Field operators have always wished for a rugged, weather-resistant portable radio and the TX-500 looks like it will fit the bill! Based on some of the videos we’ve seen, it should perform as well.

Click here to check out the TX-500 on the HRO website ($789.95 US at time of posting).

Update: HRO informs me that the lead time, or anticipated delivery is still weeks away.

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9 thoughts on “The lab599 Discovery TX-500 QRP transceiver price and anticipated delivery via HRO

  1. DanS

    I’m really glad to see that the TX-500 is coming soon. It’s been a long, hard road for the development team and I’m happy they haven’t rushed their testing. I love the form factor. I’d love to see a comparison of specs between the KX-2, IC-705, the Xiego and the TX-500; with more than just the obvious battery, tuner, size, price differences.

  2. Mark

    Actually just looking at the specs, no tuner no internal battery is a shame, if you need an external battery then might as well get a Xiegu G90 20 watts and tuner.

    I do like the TX-500 though.

    Xiegu X5105 internal tuner and excellent built in 12v battery now that’s a proper qrp rig, just bring antenna and off you go. 5 watts though.

  3. Mark

    I like it, I like the form factor, looks good and it’s not a plastic box like the IC-705.

    But no doubt the 705 will sell in much higher numbers because of the screen that’s all too many people care about.

    1. Hort

      I would say that the IC-705 will sell more because it’s manufactured by a reputable vendor able to provide post-sale support and that’s not going to disappear before the end of the year. Right now we’ve only seen a few review units sent to chosen influencers in order to hype pre-sales, they are pretty good with their social media marketing strategy. It’s a 800$ novelty item, lacking a built-in speaker, ATU or internal battery, using proprietary connectors to achieve IP ratings of dubious usefulness, the base KX2 is 830$, it’s not a hard choice.

  4. Mario

    If I was a radio, I’d want to look like that one hihi. Will await your write-up of this rig. Thanks for posting.


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