What are your Sunday radio plans?

Icom IC-756 Pro Transceiver Dial

I had planned on today being a rather laid-back Sunday with a good book lined-up and lots of radio time. Instead, my wife has convinced me to work on a home project this afternoon. That’s okay, because it is a project I’d like to get out of the way and the weather today is ideal.

Still, this morning, I’ve been hunting a few Parks On The Air (POTA) stations with the ‘756 Pro to help park activators along with their numbers. I try to do this when I can because I’m typically the activator and I truly appreciate logging well over my ten required stations for a valid field activation.

After the project this afternoon, I also plan to hit the 31 meter band and lower, catching a few broadcast stations and soaking in the shortwaves most likely with my RSPdx and HF+ Discovery SDRs.

It won’t be all SDR, though! I’ll be busy doing band-scans with my beloved Yaesu FRG-7 (Frog 7) while my SDRs record audio and spectrum.

Post readers: What are your plans today and this week?  Please comment!

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9 thoughts on “What are your Sunday radio plans?

  1. John N4RVR

    Dug the SDRplay RSP1 out of the closet and set it up for ADS-B reception. Got everything set up and running. Now to get an antenna up.

    I have been listening to WTWW classical rock music in the evenings.

  2. Mario

    Band condx not good on HF here so tuned the MW band for distant stations. Found a station on 1650 kHz broadcasting COVID information on a military base. Wrightstown was mentioned so I guess that would be Ft. Dix, which is pretty good DX for a low power station,

  3. Troy Riedel

    Right now (21-22Z), I’m trying to get a decent listen to The Voice of the Report of the Week – never the greatest for me on 7780.

    At 00Z, RRI on 7375 which has been my nightly listen. Then at 01Z, I’ll tune CRI on 9580 to see if it’s interesting – OR – I might just try some AM Dx’ing on my Sangean PR-D15? I’m temporarily living in my RV in the SW VA MTNs so RFI is at a minimum (so I must take advantage of that) …

    1. Thomas Post author

      Sounds fantastic, Troy. Stay cool and use this radio time to relax and ride the waves! Heading to Mitchell tomorrow–wish you could join us!

  4. Mark

    I finally got round to reprogramming some of the memory banks of my AOR AR-8600, specifically to add the 2m and 70cm simplex channels.

  5. Harald

    I did some “paperwork” and sent reception reports to LRA 36 and to Radio Taiwan International for yesterday´s test transmissions.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Good for you! I was not able to copy them in North Carolina. It wasn’t for a lack of trying–a path was simply not open.


  6. John

    I had planned to attend our online church service. Instead I took my PL-380 to a local park. There’s almost no one here today even though the weather is beautiful. Bands are a little rough, but I’ve had fun and logged a number of station. Next up is a hike.

  7. Tom


    Like you I have something to finish first before getting around to the good radio stuff. Today that involves fitting together some 1/2″ PVC pipe to support my YouLoop antenna.



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