Icom IC-705 approved by FCC: pricing and availability update

I’ve just learned via Universal Radio that the new Icom IC-705 has been F.C.C. approved and is scheduled to start shipping in the US “early Fall 2020.”


Consensus from other sources in the industry is that Icom would like to start shipping the IC-705 by the end of September but have not committed to a specific date. I assume they’re being cautious due to Covid-19 logistics challenges.

I’ve no firm report on availability from the UK, Europe, or other countries as of yet, but I would have to assume they’re on a similar timeline.

Pricing: $1,299.95 US

Also, there is still no word on a firm US price. UPDATE: Steve (K9SWX) notes that Ham Radio Outlet has posted a retail price of $1,299.95 US. Gigaparts has also listed the price as $1299.95.

At time of posting, I couldn’t find other US retailers who have confirmed a price, however, you can expect that the price will consistently be $1,299.95 US. Manufacturers like Icom often cap any retailer price adjustments and (sometimes) extra perks when new products are introduced.

ML&S has a pre-order price listed at £1299.95 ( £1083.29 EXC. VAT). The price in Japan is roughly 124,800 yen.


I have pre-ordered an IC-705 for review even knowing Icom early adopters pay a premium. I’m incredibly curious if the IC-705 will hold up well in the field and especially how it might compare with my other benchmark QRP transceivers.

We’ll continue to post updates as they become available. Bookmark the tag: IC-705

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9 thoughts on “Icom IC-705 approved by FCC: pricing and availability update

  1. AD5VM

    Placed my $35 reservation at HRO September 18th 2019. They called me the first week of August 2020 and said we are close and that I would need to pay the balance in full to hold my place in line, (he said I was #5) So I gave him my credit card info. Today (9/21) got an email shipping confirmation with tracking number.

  2. Vin

    Technically part 97 doesn’t get “type acceptance” but commercially manufactured radios need FCC Approval. What that means is the radios out of the box cannot be programmed for non-Amateur service frequencies.
    HRO has on more than one occasion notified me that even though Part 90 type accepted radios CANNOT be marketed for Amateur Radio use they said they don’t care and will continue to market them clearly in defiance of FCC regulations.

  3. Mark Goldhawke


    Link to the ah 705 tuner for this rig

  4. geoff brown

    Andrews Comms VK posting 20/7/2020.
    New IC-705 HF~70cm 10W SDR
    all-mode transceiver…A$1849

    Expected into store on Friday,
    14th August! Limited quantity
    arriving in this 1st shipment!………….that is NEXT WEEK

    IC-705 RF & IF SAMPLING (down conversion >25MHz)
    HF~70cm all-mode 5W/10W portable transceiver also
    features 0.5~148MHz general coverage receive!

    We will be contacting in chronological order those
    customers who have placed their “no deposit, no
    commitment, no obligation” orders when our
    first shipment arrives from Icom Australia…
    Authorised ICOM Australia dealer!

    More info @ https://rfcomms.co.uk/latest-news/


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