CHA MPAS Lite: Chameleon designs a new compact portable antenna system

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Don, who notes that Chameleon Antenna has just introduced the CHA MPAS Lite: a modular portable antennas system covering from 6M – 160 meters.

I know a number of participants in the Parks On The Air program who use the CHA MPAS antenna system–the MPAS Lite is the “little brother” of that antenna, according to Chameleon.

Although designed with the new Icom IC-705 and other QRP transceivers in mind, the CHA MPAS Lite can handle up to 100 watts in SSB or 50 watts in CW.

They plan to start shipping the antenna in early November 2020 and the price for the system is $340.00. That may sound like a lot of money for an antenna (it is, let’s face it!) but if you speak with pretty much anyone who owns a Chameleon antenna they’ll tell you it’s worth it. The quality is second to none. I’ve been testing their Emcomm III wire antenna recently and it must be one of the most robust portable wire antenna systems I’ve ever evaluated.

Also, all of their products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Click here to check out the CHA MPAS Lite product page.

We recently added Chameleon Antenna to our list of sponsors here on the SWLing Post. I’m very proud to include them because one of my personal missions is to promote mom-and-pop companies that push innovation here in our radio world! It’s humbling that they support us too.

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4 thoughts on “CHA MPAS Lite: Chameleon designs a new compact portable antenna system

  1. Scott Oakland

    I think hams can be the cheapest people on the planet sometimes. Many won’t pay for software and complain about freeware! Hans have no idea what things cost to produce. The old adage exists for a reason – “you get what you pay for.” I defy any ham to show me they designed an end fed vertical on par with the likes of a Chameleon. We hams need to live in Realville. My hat goes off to companies like Chameleon and Wolf River Coils. These guys know the deal and for what you get it’s very reasonable. Hams will spend $4K on an FTDX101D and then squeeze Abe Lincoln when it comes to the most important thing – their antenna. I know I’m ranting but it’s crazy how especially old timers just don’t know what things cost today. I’m 63 so I’m no young dude but I live in Realville

  2. Paul

    Honestly why is this antenna, and why are so many others so expensive? For $450 you can buy the Xeigu G90 and for $900 the Icom IC-7300!

  3. Andrew

    Heck, not willing to “bash” them or whatever, but $340 for such an antenna is a LOT of money, QRP-ers are either HAMs willing to put themselves at try running 1W instead of somei KW (ERP) , HAMs which did the choice to get “frugal”, or either new licensed HAMs which see in QRP an opportunity to “work the world” w/o having to invest an arm a leg and one eye; now I think that antenna aims at the first category, since otherwise, the price doesn’t make much sense to me (also since, with a bit of goodwill it isn’t difficult to put together an efficient mobile operations antenna at a fraction of that cost)

    1. "Ray" Andrews

      I hear ya Andrew.

      I’ve been a ham for 40 years and my first rigs were all kits. I’ve been almost exclusively QRP since ’95.

      Until a year ago, I built almost all of my antennas. Then a friend let me borrow his MPAS Chameleon self-supporting antenna for a SOTA spot I knew would have no trees and I didn’t want to lug my 30+ ft fiberglass pole and support up the mountain.

      I scoffed at the price too, but geeze!!!! when I put it on the air that antenna is so easy to use and is properly machined to last a lifetime. It even ships with a real backpack to hold the antenna and all radio gear. The quality is super.

      Sure! I could build something and I have built something.

      Think CW keys though…

      I’ve built my own keys from kits in the past. Even a cootie with a hacksaw blade…real story! They worked FB!

      But then a few years ago I splurged and bought a Begali key at Dayton. Have you ever used a Begali? They’re made by a family in Italy and quality is second to none. Let’s just say it’s the only key I use now. Hi hi! Best quality imaginable. And now I feel like I’m a part of their customer family. I’ll buy another from them not only to enjoy but to encourage them to keep doing what they do best.

      Think of Chameleon like a Begali for field antennas. You might not understand until you use it. I see why they sell so many to the military.

      Me? I’m dropping a hint to Santa b/c I want this new Chameleon. Perfect size for me and can even QRO if I want.

      I have no problem both building my stuff and buying my stuff. Like I think Thomas is implying, I like supporting vendors in the ham community. Esp. those making quality stuff. Put my money where my mouth is! Hi hi!


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