Elecraft posts photos of the new K4 transceiver in production

Elecraft had hoped to start shipping the new K4 flagship transceiver this week and I’m sure it’s been a real challenge realizing this goal in the day and age of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This morning, Elecraft posted the following photo on their Twitter account with the caption, “New K4s in production 🙂“:

I’m sure this is a welcome sight for those who have pre-ordered the K4.

Many thanks to Paul Evans for the tip!

Click here to check out the K4 product page at Elecraft.

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3 thoughts on “Elecraft posts photos of the new K4 transceiver in production

    1. Thomas Post author

      No, all Elecraft radios are designed and manufactured in California, USA. Not sure where you’re getting China–? Elecraft doesn’t mass produce equipment on the scale of a large factory–in terms of scale, sort of the opposite of how your smart phone was produced in China. Their production is scaled so that each piece of equipment is thoroughly tested and checked prior to shipping.


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