New DRM portables announced at IBC 2020

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ed, who writes:

SWLing Post readers might be interested in reading the Digital Radio Mondiale Newsletter of September 2020, which covers DRM developments announced at IBC 2020.

These include DRM transmitter developments and deployments, and lots of new DRM receivers–such as eight (8) AM/FM/DRM portables, (1) AM/FM/SW/DRM portable, an automotive AM/FM/DRM model, a low-cost automotive AM/FM/SW/DRM model, and an AM/FM/SW/DRM development module with “High quality Tuner Frontend and Audio DAC” from Starwaves in Germany.

URL for newsletter:

URL for PDF describing new DRM receivers:[email protected]

Thank you for the tip, Ed!

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7 thoughts on “New DRM portables announced at IBC 2020

  1. Mangosman

    Tarmo, you were never likely to buy one of these unless the SDR radio you already have contains the xHE AAC audio decompressor and a display for the text data at least. Compare like with like. Most new manufactured radios are SDRs.

    This is a TRADE show by definition manufacturers are selling to broadcasters and distributors NOT CONSUMERS. The CES in the USA is also a TRADE show! The exhibitors at these shows are there to sell their products. Sales people always have to present their products in the best light.

    AM receiver manufacturers were not there because it was invented in 1901 and FM manufacturers were not there because it was invented in 1933. They are not there to increase their market! WorldDAB were also not there invented in 1987 with DAB+ in 2007

    DRM+ was standardised in 2009.
    For the moment the only decent sized market is the Indian population of 1 300 million people with at least 600 million in coverage area which is nearly twice the USA population. Manufacturers are not very interested in the tiny enthusiast market.

    RonF remember that Pantronix is a Panamanian stand alone manufacturer. Where as manufacturers like Gospell, Avion make other electronics products other than radio receivers to back up production lines. It is one thing to make a prototype and another to have mass production lines.

    1. Ron F

      > “WorldDAB were also not there invented in 1987 with DAB+ in 2007”

      Ummm, Alan, you might want to double-check your ‘facts’ there…

      (Hint: start with the exhibitors list.)

      > “It is one thing to make a prototype and another to have mass production lines.”

      Then, simply: if you can’t deliver, don’t promise.

      As an example, I’ll point out that the Titus II was announced at HFCC B16 where PantronX said it was ready for pre-production by the end of that year. And again at IBC 2016, where it was featured by TWR and the DRM Consortium. And again at HFCC A17, where they said the first 1500 units would ship by mid-April. And again at the NASB conference in June 2017, where they said units were about 1 month away. And again in Radioworld in September 2017, where they said it was ready for production. And again at IBC 2017, where they said units would be available soon …

      *That* has been the problem with the DRM Consortium all along – too many promises, too few of them kept.

      (FWIW, PantronX isn’t a manufacturer – they’re a contract design/engineering house. You go to them, they design your product, and then outsource its manufacture to others.)

      1. Tarmo Tanilsoo

        Exactly. This is why I am so skeptical. I’ve been following this scene for years(since 2007 at the earliest) and experience has taught me to take stuff coming out with more than a pinch of salt when it comes to receivers and stuff. I actually hope this year would be different especially with China now testing stuff too(some of these signals have reached here and they have quite impressive audio quality, especially on xHE-AAC) but the past has made me cautious with expectations. Oh well, if any portables in a reasonable price range really came out and actually worked well and it were easy to get one in Europe, I’d even consider getting one. But I believe it when I see it.

  2. Tarmo Tanilsoo

    Sorry but my hype-o-meter’s needle is pegged at maximum. These announcements happen all the time during conferences and trade shows but whether any of these receivers actually make it to general retail without needing to [batch] order directly from the manufacturer? Sorry, not holding my breath. I’ll stick to my SDR.

    Say what you will about Amazon, but in this case I’m going by the principle: If it doesn’t have a working Amazon link, it doesn’t exist. I will be happy to be proven wrong, but the past years experience leaves me skeptical.

    P.S. What do they mean with low cost? < 500€? <200 €? <100€?

  3. Ron F

    So … who’s going to be holding their breath waiting for any of these? 😉 ?

    I noticed there’s no mention of the PantronX Titus II in there. We’re about due for the biennial “It’s still good, and coming Real Soon Now – right after we add a new feature!” announcement …

  4. David

    Those ‘Starwaves’ models look really interesting and hopefully in production by the end of the year.

    Another device to experiment with at a hopefully reasonable price.

    Thanks for bringing these links to our attention.

    Best Wishes,

  5. Erik

    My first kit was a rf quiet solar charge controller for my small self built solar system. It has worked flawlessly since.
    I would never want to jeapordize my SW reception with hash, its bad enough already. Thanks to the SW community for making me aware and providing a solution.
    It was built by Cirkits.


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