WHRI ceases Voice of Vietnam relays

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who shares the following note from Gilles Letourneau, the CIDX, and International Radio Report:

WHRI has ceased relaying Voice of Vietnam to North America since its purchase by WBCQ. Please take the time to write them and let them know it would be important to keep shortwave alive and maybe suggest they could relay via WRMI, here is the contact page
Contact | THE VOICE OF VIETNAM (vovworld.vn)

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6 thoughts on “WHRI ceases Voice of Vietnam relays

  1. Jack Dully

    NOW,is the time to contact them,we can’t afford losing another broadcast country,especially one with great music and news from the Western Pacific.We have lost too many good stations,already.Please let’s not lose anymore,email them !

  2. Abigail

    It looks increasingly like WHRI’s airtime will be exclusively taken up by the flat earth loonies from “World’s Last Chance”. More junk on the short wave dial, wanted by few and listened to by fewer.

    The religious content on WHRI wasn’t to my taste, but it was at least listenable content appreciated by some people. Allan Weiner, WBCQ and World’s Last Chance are killing short wave broadcasting with their continued flooding of the airwaves with conspiracy and end-of-the-world dross.

  3. Paul Walker

    I’ve confirmed with Jeff Whtie at WRMI this did in fact happen and hes spoken to some casualties but nothing beyond that.

  4. E.J. Smith

    That is truly disappointing news. This goes back to a comment made on last week’s article about the continued decline in shortwave broadcasting in general.

    There used to be a time when The Voice of Vietnam’s transmissions from Hanoi could be received consistently here in southeast Michigan. Even in the ’80s, VOV could be received quite audibly in the afternoon on 15012 kHz and even on 10040 kHz. Those days are long gone. Although my rig and antennae are fairly decent, I haven’t received a VOV transmission directly from Hanoi in probably twenty years (although I’ve tried periodically.) WHRI’s relay was the only way that I could receive VOV and I listened regularly.

    VOV has a very important perspective to offer and I hope that they consider using WRMI going forward. Thanks for sharing the web form. I have taken the opportunity to share my thoughts with VOV.

    1. Tom Servo

      I have received a few weak broadcasts direct from Vietnam, but not in the last several years due to our poor HF conditions.

      What I want to know is why they have always had some frequencies that off a little bit… 15012, 12019, etc. Always thought that was odd.


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