12 thoughts on “Finding Happiness…

  1. Darren Davies

    On the strength of the wise words written above, I have filed for a divorce and am pleased to announce my engagement to my Sony ICF-2010. Barring any interference from the ex, I’ll be broadcasting details of the reception nearer the time. (sorry, it was the best I could do)

  2. Mario

    Yes, radios bring us much happiness Thomas. I am still debating if the radio or the XYL brings me more. It is probably going to be a photo-finish.

  3. Patrick Lozito

    No one can make anyone happy, that comes from
    within, HOWEVER, someone can sure make you miserable.
    My second wife celebrates the joy I have in whatever I am interested in as I do with her. Yes, it can happen.

      1. 13dka

        Haha! She’s a ham, too – you’re a lucky man!
        Anyway, my radios make me happy indeed, particularly the latest two! ๐Ÿ™‚


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