Icom IC-705 Blind Receiver Test #2

Icom IC-705

Test #2: 40 meters CW

In this second test (click here for #1) we’ll listen to the Icom IC-705, and one other comparable radio, tuned to a 40 meter CW station. Each recording is roughly the same length (2 minutes).

I’ve done my best to match these radios in terms of audio and receiver settings, but it’s certainly not perfect–these are essentially real world, not laboratory conditions. Indeed, making these recordings comparable in CW is incredibly challenging as the mode is so incredibly narrow and challenging to zero beat with radios that can tuned so precisely.


  • Both radios are using the same antenna via my ELAD ASA15 Antenna Splitter Amplifier
  • Both radios are set to the same bandwidth: 0.5 kHz
  • I’ve tried to match AGC settings on all radios
  • Both radios have different audio EQ characteristics–not all are fully adjustable
  • Both have separate recording devices and are not matched perfectly in terms of audio levels. In other words, you may need to adjust your volume a bit to compare.

My advice would be to focus on aspects like signal intelligibility, selectivity and signal to noise.

Please listen to each recording, then kindly answer and submit the survey below. Thank you!

Radio A

Radio B


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