BELKA-DX: A Pocket-Sized Radio for Pocket Change

Well, not pocket change for most people, but I couldn’t pass up a clever headline!

I want to alert SWLing Post readers to a lower cost option for the new BELKA-DX than the Mobimax source: the ecommerce web site of Alex Buevky (EU1ME) who designed the radio.

In early February I bought the original BELKA DSP from the designer’s site, for a total of $117 USD. It arrived safely in 10 days to my Washington State address, with free tracked shipping included.

Yesterday I ordered the new BELKA-DX from the same web site, and the grand total was 340 BYN, or in US Dollars, $128, tracked shipping included.

If I had ordered from Mobimax, the total would have been 176.91 Euro, or $205.76 USD. That price includes FedEx shipping, the only available option to the USA.

Purchasing from the BELKA-DX designer’s web site in Belarus saved me nearly $78, and I’m confident I’ll receive this new model in about a week and a half as before (hopefully no COVID-19 related delays).

I had no issues this time or previously with my payment being “flagged” for security concerns. I used my PayPal VISA card and the transaction completed without issues.

For more information on this tiny powerhouse receiver, see Georges Ringotte’s (F6DFZ) brief review here on the SWLing Post.

Guy Atkins is a Sr. Graphic Designer for T-Mobile and lives near Seattle, Washington.  He’s a regular contributor to the SWLing Post.


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15 thoughts on “BELKA-DX: A Pocket-Sized Radio for Pocket Change

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  2. John

    Would be nice if I could even use PayPal to get this. And now the speaker back with the same size battery is a fantastic combination.

  3. John Dean

    I have tried to order it using a prepaid Visa card with no luck. This little radio is something I want to add to my SWL kit.

  4. Alan

    Much as I’s like to order from the person who actually makes this, the website doesn’t work for me.

    I click on “Add To Cart” and get a popup window saying “Error. Undefined”

    1. Guy Atkins

      Yes, I see what you mean. Some error must have corrupted this site’s code. Why not simply use the “Contact” form on the bottom of the main page to let them know? Once they fix it you’ll be able to order this excellent receiver at the best available price as others have done.

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  8. Walter Wolff

    I ordered mine directly from Alex’s website in August and I’m very pleased with the process. He even followed up with an email to ensure that it was received. The price was $122.

  9. Guy Teague

    where were you yesterday? they listed for $256 on ebay and i offered $234 and it was accepted. shipping was $26. live and learn i guess. /guy (73 de kg5gt | wqpz784)

        1. Guy Teague

          one of my best friends on a camera forum is from australia and named guy. when i discovered he was actually older than i was, i started calling him beta-guy and every chance i get i remind him that’s it’s not until v2.0 until the bugs get worked out! so now we title ourselves guy v1 and guy v2. great fun. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          /guy (73 de kg5gt | wqpz784)


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