Can you ID this radio in “Death in Paradise”–?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Evans (W4/VP9KF), who writes:

Oh no, I spotted another radio to identify in about a 1 second clip from “Death In Paradise”, Series 9, Episode 7.

This should be easier, but is it?

Bonus points for the name of the lizard!

Oh! That’s a tough one. Thanks for sharing, Paul!

Please comment if you can correctly ID this radio (or the lizard)!

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9 thoughts on “Can you ID this radio in “Death in Paradise”–?

    1. Paul Evans

      Correct! The TV series is made on Guadeloupe, so it was a direct import from the ‘home country’ and was probably just laying around. It would have been made near Le Mans. Schneider was taken over a couple of times in the later 1960s, the last one being Philips. This one looks like it was perhaps post-Philips takeover because the knobs and trim are a little bit modernised.

      Yes, the lizard is ‘Harry’ and he is CGI and not ‘real’ as the discussion in many UK newspaper stories!

      There appear to be a 6 band and 7 band versions (additional buttons instead of the two knobs, 5 buttons, two knobs format).

      WARNING! There are more screen star radios coming 🙂

      1. 13dka

        Yay! What did I win? A radio? Harry? 🙂 (j/k) Indeed, checking WP for who is producing the series gave me a clue where to look.

  1. Mike S

    Definitely looks European in design.

    I’m not up on the models produced, but as a rough guess I’d hazard it to be one of the Normende Globetraveller series.


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