Video: Pairing the AN-200 loop antenna with the Icom IC-705

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dennis Dura, who shares the following video featuring the Tecsun AN-200 on the Waters & Stanton YouTube channel:

I told so many over the years that I honestly think the AN200 is one of the most useful and effective mediumwave antennas you can purchase. It’s portable and it pairs so easily with most any radio.


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5 thoughts on “Video: Pairing the AN-200 loop antenna with the Icom IC-705

  1. Bob Colegrove

    I have never had a bit of luck using this antenna with the provided cable. I dissected mine a few years ago and found the cable connected to a secondary coil consisting of two turns wound directly under the primary coil. From my experience constructing numerous medium wave loops over many years, it is my belief that this arrangement greatly overcouples the secondary leading to excessive load and a loss in Q of the tuned circuit. Perhaps I am missing something regarding input impedance to the receiver using this arrangement, and am open to any advice or suggestions.

    On the other hand, the AN200 will provide very good results, both peaks and nulls, when simply inductively coupled with ferrite loop antennas built into portable radios.

  2. Rob

    The wire-up (which is, admittedly, trivial) is shown at the 18 minute mark. Very nice video, and I will have to try this in the near future. Thanks for posting.

  3. Davide

    I have a similar one, an AN-100. Great antenna with my portables (Sony ICF7600DS, Degen De1103, etc), but the happy couple for medium wave is my MLA-30+ with my FT817ND


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