Frank translates the Tecsun PL-330 manual into German

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Frank, who writes:

Hi there,

I have written a manual for the Tecsun PL-330 in German after getting only a Chinese one. Perhaps it is helpful for somebody?

With friendly regards
Frank from Germany

Click here to download Tecsun PL-330 Deutsche Bedienungsanleitung (PDF 1.8 MB)

Thanks so much for sharing this, Frank!

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7 thoughts on “Frank translates the Tecsun PL-330 manual into German

  1. rob

    thank you for replying
    it is kind of you to offer
    but i eventually found a website from an australian company that had the english manual online
    but strangely, the manufacturer doesnt have it

  2. rob

    dont suppose Frank posted a manual in english?
    just received my new PL330. the manual is in chinese
    and cant find one online

    1. Frank Vettel

      Sorry, i haven’t written an english manual, but If you neegseed some help i’d try to describe parts of it in english

  3. jaap

    Great translation, that helps a lot! It’s just that the PL-330 I own with firmware version 3302, ETM+ works different than explained in this manual. In my PL-330, the LW, MW and FM bands each have one ETM memory bank. The SW band has 24 ETM memory banks, one of each hour of the day. They are named E00 through E23 and automatically selected based on the hour of the day. Still think this is a unique feature that no other radio has. Too bad for the 10 khz fine tune step implementation with its nasty bug with both firmware versions 3302 and 3303.

    1. Frank Vettel

      Thank you for this hint! I will improve the manual in this point. Actually an english manual is out (an original one), so i will see if there are some more hints to improve…


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