Installing the Belka-DX DSP speaker option

This month, I received my Belka DX speaker option in the post and recently did this very simple install. All it really requires is a small Phillips-Head screwdriver and maybe 10 minutes of time.

You start by removing the four screws holding on the left side panel. The side panel easily slides off over the BNC connector.

You then remove the bottom two screws of the right side panel. There’s no need to remove the top two screws as you will not remove this panel or the encoder knob. After removing the bottom two screws, carefully pull the bottom panel off.

The battery is connected to the Belka-DX DSP board with an end that’s easy to unplug.

Simply unplug the battery, and plug in the new (smaller) battery of the speaker panel in the same position.

The speaker on the new panel needs to be connected, of course. In the photo above, you can see where it attaches to the Belka DX board (next to the headphone port).

Once you’ve plugged in the new battery and speaker, attach the new bottom panel to the radio, making sure the speaker and battery wires fold in properly. After you’ve put the two right panel screws in, reattached the left panel with four screws and the installation is complete!

The speaker is quite small, of course, but very functional. I love the fact that I no longer need a set of earphones or external amplified speaker to listen to the Belka DX.

I was concerned that the speaker would be too small to be functional and that the smaller battery in combination would dramatically decrease listening time per charge.

Not the case.

Although I haven’t done a continuos battery longevity test with the volume at a constant moderate level, it will power the radio for extended listening sessions. Of course this teeny internal speaker isn’t going to deliver room-filling audio, but has exceeded my expectations and certainly does the trick!

If you own a  Belka-DX DSP receiver, this is a worthy, affordable upgrade. The great thing is, you can always swap out the covers easily if you need the larger battery capacity during travels or DXpeditions.

Click here to purchase the Belka DX speaker option on Alex’s site. 

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6 thoughts on “Installing the Belka-DX DSP speaker option

  1. John McColman, N4RVR

    I ordered my Belka-DX (with the speaker option pre-installed) on Dec 18. It was shipped on Dec 21 and I received it Jan 21. Alex provided a tracking number when it was shipped and I was able to follow the package once it was in the USPS possession. I could check it on the Belarus post office website, but it just let me know it was in the system. I aam very pleased with Alex’s service and responses to my emails.

    I, too, am amazed at this receiver. It is definitely my favorite all-mode SW portable. The SSB reception is outstanding.

    1. John McColman, N4RVR

      Correction: I received my Belka-DX on Jan, 12, not on Jan 21 as stated in my poorly-proofread post. My apologies!

  2. Steve KZ4TN

    I have found that the Belka-DX is the best compact full featured SWL receiver I have owned in the last 50+ years. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  3. Daniel Robinson

    Finally after waiting nearly 3 months, I received my Belka DX — the mail system is truly in trouble, but good to finally have it and thanks to Alex for helping with tracking.

    The speaker version really does present a whole new world and shows why these DSP receivers do need an internal speaker because dealing with extra wires of an amplified speaker is a big hassle.

    Good also to see that the battery itself is replaceable — these should be available on Ebay and the greater electronics supply market.

    1. Guy Atkins

      Hi Dan, the BELKA-DX (sans speaker) arrived in 11 days for me. I ordered it immediately after it was announced last year. However, the speaker kit was 36 days in transit! Yeah, the mail services are really unpredictable now.

      The BELKA-DX has the best audio of any portable I’ve ever used. On SSB it excels anything else near its size.


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