The new Belka-DX speaker option

Belka-DX Speaker

Many thanks to  Alex (EU1ME)–developer and manufacturer of the Belka DX  and Belka DSP shortwave receivers–who shares information about a new version of the Belka-DX:

[Based on customer feedback, we’ve] added a built-in speaker to the Belka DX version. It’s an option that I believe also can be useful when listening this radio (broadcasts for example).

The dimensions of the receiver remain the same. See photos attached.

Belka-DX Speaker

Battery capacity is reduced from 2200 to 1250 mAh. Still, the built-in LI-Ion battery [will power] it for about 12 hours.

As far as battery and speaker are connected to the device with sockets, it is quite easy to change batteries and back covers with or without speaker depending on situation.

When back cover with speaker is installed one may still listen to the device with headphones (speaker will be muted).

Many thanks, Alex, for sharing this announcement. While I do most of my DXing with headphones, I love the idea of a speaker option for the Belka-DX especially for casual broadcast listening. The speaker appears to be an option you can purchase separately, or you can purchase the Belka-DX with the speaker option installed. I look forward to checking this out!

Click here to check out the speaker option for the Belka-DX on Alex’s website.. 

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17 thoughts on “The new Belka-DX speaker option

    1. David Elden

      It looks as is it plugs in so providing you can identify a physical & electrical equivalent it should be fairly easy to replace. I would guess it is held to the case back with adhesive tape. Not quite as easy as swapping out some AAs but I am optimistic I will be able to do it on mine once the supplied battery gets to EOL.

  1. Peter Gibson

    After reading several reviews on this receiver, I attempted to order one. Unfortunately It is not able to be shipped to Australia. In an email, Alex said this was probably due to covid restrictions. I am able to receive orders from other overseas places, so this must be something related to Belarus, or the carrier being used.

  2. Gordon

    I received an email about this in Ruslan a couple of days back. Good to know what it’s all about now:) My original Belka is still going strong…

  3. Arno Schuemann

    @ Jerry Neves: You can not use paypal, you have to use a credit card.
    The Belrig website is bilingual.
    The radio comes without a charger, you can use one from your cell phone, it is micro usb.
    If you can use a srewdriver, you can change the battery easily.

    It is a great little radio for a very good price – so go for it!

    Regards from germany,

    Arno DB5ZG

  4. David Elden

    Daniel Robinson: looks from the site at the link in the post that this is a user installed mod, i.e. should be able to be used with an existing Belka DX?
    Adding air band, even if it means an additional card inside and an increase in thickness would be a variant I would buy.
    Jerry Neves: Google will translate the site to ENG (more or less). Charging is via micro USB, i.e. any USB charger should work.

    1. Bill Lee

      And of course the larger capacity of
      of course.

      (More bytes at a time can be translated.)
      Then take each text in put in your word processor in one of two columns on a page, paired up by picthorns and such and read in parallel.

  5. Jerry Neves

    Hello. Hope someone can clarify for me some questions I have on BELKA DX radio. Can I use PayPal to buy this radio and if so when I go the site it’s all in Russian! Is it safe to use PayPal? Also now with the new model with speaker and battery, can the battery be removed? On previous reviews the battery could NOT be replaced by user?. Finally is there wall wart to charge unit that works in USA and is it included with radio? Thanks in advance to any information on above questions. Would love to hear from any USA owners.

    1. Alex Buevskiy EU1ME

      Hi Jerry.
      -Our website has ENglish version (at the bottom of the webpage you may see this option).
      -We can not accept Paypal (legislative restrictions), but you may find numerous reviews in which people prove credibility of payment system used at our website. There’s wire transfer option as well.
      -Battery has connectors it may be easily removed/replaced. Despite there’s warranty for the device, so any technical issues will be resolved.
      -Any micro-usb cable charger may be used to charge the device.

    2. Guy Atkins

      Jerry, I can echo what Alex has said. Ordering the BELKA-DX from has been easy and safe…no issues for me whatsoever. I have bought both the earlier DSP and more recently the DX version of the radio, and now have placed an order for the speaker kit.

      These wonderful little receivers charge just fine with a standard micro USB cell phone adapter.

      Delivery has been fast too, arriving to the west coast USA in 10-11 days.

  6. Daniel Robinson

    At first it appeared that the speaker back could be used with the old Belka, but not so. However, even with the reduction in battery capacity, this seems like a good improvement, if an incremental one. One could hope that at some point perhaps there would be a slightly larger version of Belka with perhaps a spectrum display, though that would be getting into the size of something like the Afedri LAN-IQ.


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