2 thoughts on “Top 10 DX Of The Year 2020 Contest Results

  1. Eric Fetters-Walp

    It would be kind of cool to see some of the individual receptions. I’ve entered this contest three years in a row; it’s fun, but even I don’t always understand the scoring formula, as math is not my strong suit. It’s a good trend to see a few more folks entering this contest every year. And thanks to the Top DX Radioclub for doing this annually!

  2. Ed

    Since the score is calculated as distance in km/power in kW, for those top few Best DX scores we must be talking 0.1 kW. Even a 0.3 kW transmitter would require ~10,000 km for those scores. So 0.1 kW would be a 3000 km radius circle centered on Europe and include all of Europe, North Africa, part of the Middle East, out to the Ural Mountains. It would be interesting to see a map of the distribution of 0.1 kW transmitters.


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