Mark finds an affordable IP67 rated protective case for the Yaesu FT-891

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who writes:


I got a new FT-891 recently and wanted a protective case for taking it out into the field.

A mixture of internet searches and Amazon algorithms turned up this very affordable case which closely matches the size of the radio, as the enclosed photograph shows.

It uses the familiar pick and pluck foam, although in two layers.

The base layer is a bit thin, so I might put a layer of rigid plastic over it to stop the feet of the radio pushing down to the outer case.

I prioritised the side wall thickness opposite from the carry handle, as the case is designed to sit on its side like a briefcase.

Via Amazon USA ($29.31)

Via Amazon UK (£20.99)


Wow, Mark! I do love the size of this case and the fact that it fits the FT-891 so perfectly.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about building out a case to hold one of my smaller QRP transceivers (the KX1, KX2, or MTR3B) in the field to be used when it’s raining. Perhaps this has been on my mind because I’ve been enjoying nearly 5 straight days of rain and fog! A case like this would be an affordable solution and I wouldn’t feel terribly bad about drilling through the case to mount antenna, key, mic, and headphone ports.

I, for one, would love your thoughts about the Yaesu FT-891 as well. I’ve contemplated reviewing it this year mainly because so many field operators rave about it. I’d be curious what you think about it in terms of shortwave radio listening.

Thank you again for the tip!

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8 thoughts on “Mark finds an affordable IP67 rated protective case for the Yaesu FT-891

  1. Walter

    I have the ft-891and antenna tuner.I have a Harbor Freight APACHE 4800 for about $65.00 and both the radio and tuner fit nicely into it.

    1. Justin Hamel (W4HAB)

      I bought this case based on this post. Yes, you have to remove the mic. There isn’t room for it in the case. I bought a second case for my MFJ-939Y tuner. The tuner has a slightly smaller footprint than the FT-891, so there’s room for the mic. In hindsight, I wish I has purchased a slightly larger case to accommodate accessories. That being said, it all has to fit in my backpack.

  2. Lou

    I’d love to see a review on the 891. Your write up on the IC-705 in the Spectrum Monitor was excellent.

    The 891 keeps coming up on my list.
    Price is excellent – Been floating around $600-$650
    100W if you want it
    Compact size
    Made by a reliable and long established manufacturer.

    Only problem right now is they’re unavailable everywhere and the typical used radio market forces are in full swing aka well worn rigs at MSRP.

  3. Mitch

    I think this will also Fit the Yaesu FT-857d, (I recently pick one up) . I went ahead and purchased one and let you know. I couldn’t go wrong w/free international shipping. Thanks for posting!

  4. Mark

    Thanks Mark, I’ve actually been looking for a case for my 891.

    I love the 891 it has remarkable audio via headphones and I use it a lot as an SWL receiver in my sitting room. And it’s the radio I take with me when I go portable.


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