Photos of Mr Liang of Tecsun radios

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mei Tao, who shares the following photos of Tecsun’s chairman, Mr. Wei Liang:

Thanks for sharing these photos, Mei Tao. It’s evident that Mr. Liang is a proper radio enthusiast–he’s certainly a major innovator in the world of shortwave radio portables!

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5 thoughts on “Photos of Mr Liang of Tecsun radios

  1. Edward

    Mr. Liang, I like your collections of old radios. How about designing a “retro” looking cabinet for your next model, or even a cabinet kit that I can take the electronics “innards “of your current models and installing them in a new cabinet.

  2. Liangas

    By chance my surname is Liang-as!
    I m old Greek DXer since 70s living in Greece and have a great passion with tecsun degen models

    As a Chinese advised me Liang sur-name was a long dynasty of emperors in China

  3. Charles

    I honestly love my tecsun radios as well crafted devices I plan to have forever. Interesting to see him finishing s-2000s outside, wonder if he personally boxed mine too?

    Seems like some of the photos are at an American (or western style) ham fest… Pretty neat.

  4. Blake Ratliff

    I have really enjoyed my new Tecusn PL-330 export version that I have had for 6 days now. Already the favorite of all my pocket sized radios and I have many. Seeing how much of a radio enthusiast Mr Liang is makes me appreciate it even more. Thank you for sharing these pictures. And a thank you to Mr Liang and his team for a job well done. And by the way my favorite bed side radio at this time is the Tecsun Pl-398BT. This radio has very good reception and I love the backlit buttons.

  5. Roger R

    Best wishes Mr. Wei Liang. Thank you for continuing to make fun and affordable SW radios which keep our hobbies well and truly alive.
    In use: BCL-2000, PL-600, PL-990x, R9700DX


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