Adi discovers a portable receiver on the set of “La Chinoise”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adi, who writes:

I was reading something in the paper where Jean-Luc Godard’s La Chinoise (1967) was mentioned. So I googled for it and found just a trailer, when this set was popped for few frames:

I also found a production still:

I wonder how long it will take to name that set on the SWLing Post?

Regards, Adi From Israel.

I think I can already name it! 🙂 It’s an iconic one. Please comment if you can ID the receiver in these shots!

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9 thoughts on “Adi discovers a portable receiver on the set of “La Chinoise”

  1. Adi

    I recommend to view the first 2-3 minutes and later at about 54 minutes of this movie. A blast from the past…

  2. Larry Thompson

    That’s the beautiful Braun T1000CD, designed by Dieter Rams. Sold for about$1000 in 1967! I always listed after one. I got to play with one and spin the dials at Steinberg’s Radio, in Cincinnati, my resource for shortwave and ham gear!


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