Dan spots a number of radios in the Netflix series “Sweet Tooth”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Van Hoy (VR2HF), who notes that he spotted a number of radios including the Kenwood TS-930S in the new Netflix series, Sweet Tooth (see above). He writes:

[Also] seen in the last minutes of the final episode of season one: An AWA (Amalgamated Wireless Australasia) Teleradio Model 110H HF SSB transceiver.

Interesting history about AWA:

[Also spotted] test equipment plus all kinds of other gadgets in the zoo sanctuary.

Very cool–thank you for sharing this, Dan! That Teleradio Model 110 looks like a fascinating set! I’ve never seen one before.

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3 thoughts on “Dan spots a number of radios in the Netflix series “Sweet Tooth”

  1. Gary

    I’m a big fan of non-fiction comics/graphics journalism, and occasionally I’ll give a fiction book a go. Not too long ago, I picked up “Royal City,” which has a radio repair sub-plot. Looks like it’s by the same author as “Sweet Tooth.” Maybe Jeff Lemire is a radio geek.

  2. John Ainsworth

    Thanks for sharing!
    Finally, a “caught in the wild” radio that I own/owned that I didn’t sell!!

    My TS-930SAT was my fathers. He talked with me across Texas when I was 40 meter mobile for 10+ years. This is one radio they’ll bury with me.
    (Maybe not, as the radio and I are too heavy right now….)
    John N5XYO


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