KMTS Summer Test Transmission August 1, 2021

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Fastburstradio23, who shares the following announcement:

Beaming to you from the transmitter’s location, forget summer vacation, it’s time for summer school. Get your pencils sharpened and thinking caps on for the KMTS Summer Test (transmission)! Numbers, poetry, the science of strange tones, music and mountaineering are all part of the curriculum.

And if you are one of those cats who was too hip for school the first time around, we understand. We’ve been there! When you use one of our proprietary quantum radios passing is as easy and pleasant as a breeze blown in from a deserted tropical island. All the answers tp all the questions are right in some reality or timeline!

And after you’ve peaked out with us at the crown of KMTS, you can join us for a Mai Tai at the Tiki bar on top of the mountain as we go over the summer test results.

Thanks for the tip, Fastburstradio23!

As a bonus, I was also sent this video of KMRT’s broadcast from February 2021:

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5 thoughts on “KMTS Summer Test Transmission August 1, 2021

  1. CanadianRadioTVGuy

    Just tuned in on 6070 Channel 292 On the utwente websdr nothing heard hear in alberta canada missed out on my chance to tune in on WRMI 9395 on Sunday BTW Thanks for Including my KMRT Video from February this kinda thing definitely puts out a good boost of views not that i’m doing videos for views but it it does help! Thanks again From Javan! 73s!


    Total waste of time. I’ll never get that hour of my life back. And it destroyed brain cells. Garbage.

  3. Greg

    QSL de GregTheHam
    7:20 to 8:00 PM eastern daylight time (23:20 Z to 24:00 Zulu and later )
    1August 2021
    9400 Kilocycles in AM Modulation (6kc BW)
    Readability 3
    Strength 8 (9 S-units) with a good amount of constant, slow QSB
    Receiver: Yeasu FT857D
    Ant: 80m Dipole -75ohm Feed- 60FT AGL Sloping East, down to 20 FT AGL
    Programming: Pop music ( Beachboys/Beatles/Gary Puckett etc)

    Tapping the Ether from FN04 (North of Toronto, China-da)


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