Relighting an authentic Apollo DSKY screen

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave (N9EWO), who writes:

A current YouTube Video I accidentally came across. Ever wonder about those digital displays used in the Apollo space missions ? What were they ? Actually it’s quite a story how these Raytheon displays were developed. One has to remember we are talking about the mid 1960’s here and before the days of LED’s. Reminds me of the electro luminance nightlights still sold today.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Many thanks for sharing this, Dave. Being a massive fan of all things Apollo era, I love the deep dive into this crucial, yet very basic computer. The screen looks (and sounds!) amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Relighting an authentic Apollo DSKY screen

  1. David Elden

    Interesting – if obscure! I worked on building this type of EL display for automotive applications in the late 70s, we were aware at the time that the technology had been used about 10 years earlier on the Apollo programme.

  2. Eric McFadden

    Thanks for sharing! This video was so satisfying to watch. For years I had been under the mistaken assumption that the DSKY used early seven-segment LEDs but now I know the story is much better. The texture displayed on the EL panel reminds me of an EL nightlight I had as a young child, a nightlight that gave me much comfort.


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