Dean spots a radio in Pulp Fiction and shares a little shortwave by train

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dean Bonanno, who writes:

Hi Thomas –

I was re-watching one of my all time favorite movies yesterday, Pulp Fiction, and noticed a radio in a scene for a second or two [see image above]. It went by so fast I thought it might have been a Trans Oceanic 7000 at first but upon looking backing and stopping film, it is an Arvin Radio. I was wondering if anyone knew model/year.

I also included a video clip of Radio Tumbril Encore from aboard Amtrak’s Capitol Limited for exactly a week ago. I did some DXing while crossing the country by train. The video is near Pennsylvania/Maryland border (near you perhaps) on WRMI 15770 in 1300utc hour (enlarge video you can red it on PL 880 screen). I have another video while pulling into Cumberland, MD.

Love your blog!

My Best and 73 –

Dean Bonanno

Thank you, Dean! 

Readers, if you can help Dean ID the Arvin radio from the image provided, please comment.

Also, Dean, I love your portable setup for DXing on the train! In the US, I’ve had few opportunities to take the train, but I always bring a radio along for the trip. Thank you for sharing!

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12 thoughts on “Dean spots a radio in Pulp Fiction and shares a little shortwave by train

  1. DL4NO

    Here in Germany you have hardly any chance to listen to your radio on a train. The smaller problem is that some 90% of all person transport is on electrified tracks what creates some noise. The really big problem is the heat-isolating coating of the windows. It is done with a very thin metal film you can look through, but that blocks nearly all wireless communication.

    Many carriages have cellphone repeaters. Medium wave is dead over here anyhow. If you are lucky you can receive a few local FM stations while you are within the city limits.

  2. Mark Fahey

    A few years ago I traveled Beijing to Helsinki – a 3 week journey via the all stops SLOWWWWW trains via Ulan Bator & Moscow. I was only carrying a backpack so I took along a Tecsun PL-380 (I think that was the model? – It up in my Bali home at the moment so I can’t check for sure) and it worked amazing well using the whip next to the train window.

    On the journey I passed the Voice Of Mongolia SW Transmitter site – here is a link to my video of the antennas and township (Khonhor) – was a great trip! I will be doing it again next year – this time slightly longer Shanghai to Frankfurt.

  3. Dean Bonanno

    Ian – There was no interference on the train, I did train dxing once before in Sicily and picked up the Armed Forces Joint Command Base Station outside of Catania. The MW was excellent on Amtrak,. During daytime in Browning, MT picked up a station 200 miles away in Calgary, Alberta. Also picked up WSCR Chicago and WTMJ Milwaukee from fair distances away while on the Empire Builder.

    Samuel – Should I do another cross country trip I will keep your suggestions in mind.

  4. Ian

    Nice catches Dean. You can notice something different each time you look at that movie. Do you experience any type of interference while listening to SW or MW on trains? Are diesel trains quieter than electric?

  5. Samuel Rhine

    I used a Degen 31MS while on the Southwest Chief roomette. Can you do a longer train video? And on YouTube instead please?


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