Pre-order the 10th Edition of The Worldwide Listening Guide

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Ally, who notes that Universal Radio is accepting pre-orders for the 10th edition of John Figliozzi’s The Worldwide Listening Guide.

Click here to check out the WWLG at Universal Radio.

Note that Universal Radio closed their main store in Ohio, but continue to offer select radio products via their website.

Thanks for the tip, Tom!

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3 thoughts on “Pre-order the 10th Edition of The Worldwide Listening Guide

  1. Jim Tedford

    Horray! I was wondering if the next edition of John Figliozzi’s Worlwide Listening Guide was going to come out soon, and it is!

    Worldwide Listening Guide, and Gayle Van Horn’s Global Radio Guide are the publications you need to buy each time they come out. Yes, and the WRTH.

  2. Robert Gulley

    So glad to see the new edition of this excellent work! So many great things to listen to it’s hard to keep track, but this book helps immensely! I’ve been buying these editions for years as soon as they become available, and I already put my order in for the new one! Cheers!


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