BBC Newshour and the first shortwave Transatlantic Tests

Former BBC World Service HQ – The Bush House

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributors, Doug and Kris, who both share a link to BBC Newshour which was broadcast yesterday (Dec 12, 2021).

The final segment of the show focuses on the birth of international shortwave radio and the first Transatlantic tests. You can listen to this report over the next month via the BBC Sounds website. This is the final piece in Newshour and starts at the 45:05 mark. Very much worth your time!

Click here to listen to this segment on BBC Sounds (starting at 45:05).

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One thought on “BBC Newshour and the first shortwave Transatlantic Tests

  1. Jonathan Marks

    It’s interesting that the piece mentions BBC starting shortwave broadcasting tests in 1927. In the Philips depot in Eindhoven I discovered a plaque showing that around that time the Philips PCJJ transmitter was relaying Daventry to South Africa and British India. This early proof of concept encouraged London that international broadcasting was feasible. And, of course, Philips wanted to sell radios.


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