Carlos’ Shortwave Art and Recording of Clandestine Republic of Yemen Radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor and noted political cartoonist, Carlos Latuff, who shares another example of his radio log art, this time for clandestine station, Republic of Yemen Radio.

Carlos notes:

Republic of Yemen Radio, 11860 kHz, Saudi Arabia’s clandestine broadcaster broadcasting political propaganda to Yemen, a country that has been undergoing Saudi military intervention since 2015. Excerpt from a romantic song by the famous Yemeni singer Ayoob Tarish.

Signal picked up in Rio de Janeiro on Euro 12, 2021 at 6:03 pm. I thank Suhaila Abdel Latif for the kindness of the translation.

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3 thoughts on “Carlos’ Shortwave Art and Recording of Clandestine Republic of Yemen Radio

  1. Robert Phillips

    Wait – where in the cartoon are the iranian forces that have been in Yemen since at least 2013? Did this conflict just spring, fully developed, from nothing? Where are the Qiam TBMs headed for Saudi Arabia?

    1. Gareth Woods

      It is a cartoon not an in depth investigation into the possible causes of the conflict. I remember several years ago that the British government was crowing about sending ‘advisors’ to Suadi Arabia to aid with ‘ethical targeting’ by the coalition air forces. In the following months a school bus, schools and hospitals were all hit with great loss of innocent life. Casualties among the Saudi population have been minimal. As a SWL community we should be mindful of the human suffering that we witness and suitably sceptical about the propaganda carried over the Shart Wave bands.

  2. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Claudio Latuff lives in Porto Alegre, my birthplace. Once, I was listening to a early morning news program on a station at that city and the reporter was curious about someone who had a radio and a rim. The person was Carlos and he was swling. He was asked about it and explained about the hobby and also gave an audio sample of a station he was checking out. This is how I got to know about him. Later, a sw listener and dxer coleague gave me his phone number.


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