Mario finds a monophonic earphone with 6 foot cord

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mario Filippi (N2HUN), who writes:

Attached is a picture of a recent purchase of mine from eBay, a six foot long monophonic earphone for use with my Panasonic RF-2200.

Single mono earphones of that length are not easy to find. Most are too short for night stand use. And with the abundance of RFI emitting appliances in the home, a six-foot long earphone allows me to move my portable radio far away from things like laptops, cell phones and noisy power supplies.


Mario N2HUN

Thank you for sharing this, Mario. I love how practical and affordable this is and the fact that the earpiece is identical (save cord length) to the original that would have accompanied the RF-2200. Click here to check out this item on eBay.

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2 thoughts on “Mario finds a monophonic earphone with 6 foot cord

  1. Julio Cesar Pereira

    When I was child, I destroyed some of these earphones. Their chords weren’t as long. They were known as “selfish”, because the user would be the only person to listen to what was playing on the radio. About 6 years ago, I found a Crown TR-680 AM radio in mint condition with case, pouch and inside an original monophonic earphone.

  2. Dave KE2GE

    I listen to radio all night, and use a 1.5 M stereo headphone extension cable, which reaches to my bed. I then plug in a pillow speaker, which is mono (tip & sleeve), and it works great. When my pillow speaker wears out, I just unplug it from the extension cable and plug in a new one. Also, I can plug in a mono earphone which works equally well.


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