Marwan admires his cousin’s Crosley receiver/phonograph console

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Marwan, who writes:

Happy Holidays Thomas And To All Subscribers To SWLing Post Website!

Last October I visited a relative in California. My cousin Imad is into collecting various antiques items. One of the items that welcomed us at front door and that caught my eyes is this old radio turntable combo system. With his permission I took a few photos and I told him I liked to share it with other SWLing Post subscribers. It looks like it is a shortwave radio made by Crosley. It had various European and Asian cities preset on the dial as well as Police.


I hope someone has owned one of these in the past and can share memories of it.

Cheers, And Happy Holidays!!


Happy Holidays to you too, Marwan! What a beautiful console radio! I’m willing to best some here int he SWLing Post community know this very model! Thank you for sharing!

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15 thoughts on “Marwan admires his cousin’s Crosley receiver/phonograph console

  1. Cindy Fisher

    I have this radio. It is not restored, but is in much better shape. Thare is even a 78 RPM record on it called Hound Dog ” Scat Man” Crothers. My Prayer. Ernie Newyon and the Toppers , on other side: Night and Day ( Wilbert Baranco and Orchestra, and Jam Boogie, Hack McVea and Orchestra. Thinking about selling, not sure though.

    1. Nick

      I know this is an older post, but the model number of the Crosley radio here is 03CP.

      I recently finished returning one of these to operation. Almost all of the wiring and all non-domino caps had to be replaced. I left the photofinish on the sides intact, but refinished the top and molding.

  2. Don Hall

    This is one of those times when my passion for SWLing intersects with my love of old radios. This is a nice set that has many useful hours left in it. There are lots of great old radios still out there, and getting them back to reliable performance doesn’t take genius-level skill.

  3. Marwan

    My cousin is overseas until the end of the year. I will get more details from him on how he got hold of this radio and whether he plans to restore it or just keep it as is for decoration (what a waste would that be.)

    Happy Holidays Y’All.

  4. TheZ

    Looking at the station select buttons, this lived in the New York/Maryland area. I wonder how it made it’s way out to California? Interestingly, several of the stations on the buttons still exist with their original 3 letter calls.

  5. jack Dully

    WOW ! Thomas that’s beautiful and the craftmanship,it must weigh close to 100 lbs or more, with heavy wood and large speakers,even a couple of bass boosters.I guess one bass for the phono and one for the radio.Some tender loving care and hard work could bring that bad-boy back to its original luster.It would be interesting in finding out the exact year it was made.Perhaps when this radio was the main and only entertainment and news in most households, it announced Lindberg’s flight or the attack on Pearl Harbor !!!


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