New Reuter Elektronik RDR52 QRP general coverage transceiver

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow, who notes that Reuter Elektronik recently introduced their latest radio: the RDR52 QRP Transceiver.

Here’s the announcement from the Reuter Elektronik website:

RDR52 in standard “black” and special “metal”

The RDR52 can basically be seen as a desktop version of the popular Reuter Pocket mobile device. Astonishingly, the Pocket is often used as a full-fledged desktop receiver. Many operators report that they have sold their “large” devices and now only use the Pocket because it pairs good reception properties with simple operation and offers a very effective spectrum display while keeping the power consumption to a minimum.

However, the battery-powered Pocket was never designed for that purpose. First, it needs a stand-up aid to be easy to operate on your desktop (display almost vertical). Second, the playback volume of the loudspeakers is low and turning the scroll wheel feels finicky. Third, operation on a constant charging current supply is suboptimal for the built-in batteries: Constant full charging shortens their service life.

The RDR52 avoids these disadvantages. It essentially contains the circuit and thus the display and reception properties as well as the operating options of the Pocket. Due to the larger housing (heat dissipation) and a slightly higher possible current consumption (no batteries as power supply), improvements in the IM behavior (more powerful preamplifiers and AD converters) could be achieved. Other differences to the Pocket include:

    • Aluminum profile housing 190 x 90 x 100 mm³ with 5 mm thick front and 2 mm thick rear panel, powder-coated / anodized.
    • BNC sockets for antenna connection, separate for 0 – 71 MHz, FM / 2m / DAB and exciter / QRP transmitter.
    • Large rotary knob with solid optical rotary encoder.
    • Additional rotary knob for volume adjustment of headphones and loudspeakers.
    • Two 32 mm loudspeakers with good bass reproduction.
    • External power supply DC voltage 9 – 15 V (common hollow pin socket with 2.5 mm pin).

All the Pocket’s enhancements are also available for the RDR52 (broadband spectrum with up to 52.6 MHz display width, 8 different FM filters for extreme DX to high-end stereo, up to 16 GBit flash memory for audio or I/Q recordings, screen dump of the display to the recorder, WiFi, Bluetooth, power supply and control of the RLA4 / RFA1 directly from the antenna input, …). Two basic hardware versions will be available: Standard black with simple loudspeakers and plastic knobs, or a special version with metal knobs and aluminum loudspeaker membranes.

The equipment of different transmitter modules and frequency ranges has been a bit expanded in contrast to the Pocket. Two modules can be installed in the RDR52 at the same time (Pocket: only 1 module). This means, for example, that the FM module and the SW QRP transmitter can be installed at the same time, or the broadband exciter can be installed without the need for an FM module. However, equipping both transmitter modules (exciter and QRP transmitter at the same time) is not possible.

The RDR52 is in production and is expected to be available from the end of December 2021. Prices according to the current price list.

Based on the price list, it appears the RDR52 will start at € 999 with a number of optional upgrades/configurations.

Click here for more information.

Thank you for the tip, Dave!

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7 thoughts on “New Reuter Elektronik RDR52 QRP general coverage transceiver

  1. Mike N7MSD

    For me at least this is a big fat GIGANTIC *NO*! 2k euro, something like $2,300 U$D for something about the performance of an IC-705 for half the price? I don’t get it. If it was open source it MIGHT be worth considering if I had deep pockets but it’s not even that. Then how much more trying to get it across the pond to N. America? I don’t get it.

    1. Jacco

      If you never had a Reuter receiver, better don’t speak.
      Reuter receivers(qrp trx) are way better than the IC-705.
      I own a Reuter RDR 54, Reuter RDR 52, IC-705, IC-R8600, Elad FDM S3, AOR AR5001D, IC-7300, AOR AR-DV1, Yaesu FT-891, Yaesu FTdx-10 and two SDRplay Duo.
      I can tell you that the Reuter receivers are one of the best in my SWL shack.


  2. Dean Bianco

    While it’s true that Reuter Elektronik does not sell and ship radios factory-direct to customers outside the EU, that does not prevent one from purchasing and obtaining one shipped to countries outside the EU. The exception to this would be their products that contain hard-wired lithium batteries. There is a contact person based in Germany who is or formerly was a systems engineer for Burkhardt Reuter who handles distribution worldwide. I can be reached by email @[email protected] for further information.

    1. 13dka

      There’s an optional wideband exiter 0.1 – 154 MHz (5mW) and a 5 watt SW/6m transmitter module available (just like for the Pocket) model it’s based on). It should also be noted that they only ship within the EU and it will be likely more like 2000€+ with all options

  3. Dean Bianco

    This is good news for the radio hobbyist community. At this price point, a high-quality Reuter Elektronik radio can be had for many serious radio enthusiasts. Of course, it remains to be seen if the new RDR52’s specifications are worthy of Reuter’s legendary pedigree of high-performance and robust build-quality of their other products, such as their top-of-the-line RDR55E currently in production. Despite family objections ?, I have purchased a brand-new 55E recently and am currently evaluating its performance on its own and with A/B comparison testing with my benchmark WJ-8711A and Flex 6400M. Look for my written review of the 55E to appear on Dave Zantow’s receiver web page sometime in January.


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