WRTH 2022: Two very important announcements…

If you’ve been reading the SWLing Post for long, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of the annual World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH). If you’re a fan of WRTH as well, I’ve got some good news and some…well…less than good news.

Good News: WRTH 2022 is Shipping!

The new 2022 edition of the WRTH has been printed and is shipping.

Purchase your copy of WRTH 2022 directly from WRTH’s publishers, or from a distributor like Universal Radio (US) , Amazon.com (US),  or the Book Depository (international).

Bad News: WRTH 2022 will be the final edition by WRTH Publications

WRTH’s publisher, Nicholas Hardyman, shared the following announcement today:

Having produced this book for the past 24 years we are very sorry to announce that WRTH 2022 will be the final edition of World Radio TV Handbook produced and published by WRTH Publications. This was a hard decision to make and one we only made after a lot of discussion. We know that many people rely on WRTH and greatly enjoy getting the new edition every year. We realise that this news will be disappointing for many people.

We want to thank you all for your loyal support over the years.

I know this must have been a very difficult decision for the WRTH team. While it is disappointing news, I wish everyone at WRTH the very best. I’ve gotten to know this team, especially Nicholas, over the years and it’s been an honor to work with them and even write a few of their reviews.

What now?

I believe WRTH will maintain an online presence for years to come. I would encourage you to keep their website bookmarked. Of course, we’ll announce any changes or updates to the WRTH site.

My advice? Don’t hesitate to buy the 2022 Edition!

Seriously. I can’t tell you how many readers over the years have told me they regretted not purchasing the final edition of Passport to Worldband Radio when it was new. Many didn’t realize that particular year would be the final edition and missed the opportunity.

In this case, we now know the 2022 edition of the WRTH will be the last. We have to assume the company printed roughly the same amount of books that they did last year since the decision was made after the book had gone to print.

In other words, the supply will be similar to last year, but I predict demand will be much higher with readers knowing in advance that this is the final edition.

My advice would be that if you want the 2022 edition, I would bite the bullet now instead of waiting.

Purchase your copy of WRTH 2022 directly from WRTH’s publishers, or from a distributor like Universal Radio (US) , Amazon.com (US),  or the Book Depository (international).

Again, here’s wishing everyone at WRTH Publishing the very best! Thank you for so many years of bringing our amazing international radio world into print.

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15 thoughts on “WRTH 2022: Two very important announcements…

    1. David Gleason

      ?www.worldradiohistory.com has requested permission to post all the issues of WRH and WRTH, but that has not been granted. We have every issue scanned and ready and totally searchable… but just need someone to convince the publisher to allow this material to be made available.

  1. Jim Tedford

    Another world radio reference to consider is John Figliozzi’s Worldwide Listening Guide. Issued every two years or so, it’s a comprehensive directory of world radio: shortwave and internet listening. It’s an actual print book (spiral-bound; it will sit flat on your radio table) and you should have it amongst you reference materials. The latest version is coming out in the next couple of months.

  2. Roger Fitzharris

    Never did get over the cessation of publication of the PWBR — aka “the TV Guide for the world band radio” — 13 years ago. Unmatched in content, format, and presentation, IMO.

    Now, if we could rewrite history, and today’s announcement pertained to the 38th edition of the PWBR being its last, I would not hesitate an instant in putting in my order.
    However, just can’t pull the trigger on ordering the WRTH — even if it is the final edition.

    However, I did put an order in for the 10th edition of the Worldwide Listening Guide. You can’t take anything for granted. For all I know, WWLG10 may be the last!

  3. Bob Colegrove

    I still have my 1959 issue, which was largely responsible for getting me into the hobby of radio listening. It was simply called World Radio Handbook back then. I remember pouring over what seemed to be endless possibilities of world exploration. Subsequently, I managed to fill a large box containing many following issues. I finally stopped buying them after 2013 when the demise of shortwave broadcasting was already well advanced and the content of the book, by necessity, was mainly given over to local radio information. This was of little value to an old man grounded in one place, and cherishing memories of better times.

    To the dedicated editors and publishers over the years, well done and thank you.

    Bob Colegrove

  4. Jim Tedford

    This is very sad news. I’ve bought the WRTH every year since 1975, and have collected a number of earlier issues. I used each year’s book as a DX reference. More than that, I spent many hours reading the book: feature articles and browsing the station listings. I read about stations and countries I will never hear over the air. But thanks to the WRTH, I experienced many hours of reading pleasure. And, I’ve found web feeds of stations in Africa,Asia and elsewhere that are among my favorite listening.

    While not the same format and presentation as the WRTH, if you listen to world radio, you have to get the World Radio Guide by Gayle Van Horn. Available as an ebook on Amazon. Gayle’s book is now the definitive, yearly updated guide to shortwave radio.

    1. TheZ

      I recommend the Gayle Van Horn E-Book over WRTH. Last WRTH that I bought had some errors that I reported in an Amazon review, it really was not worth the $ paid. I am passing on the 2022 version.

      1. Harald DL1AX

        Is World Radio Guide updated several times a year as WRTH always was without extra cost? Another option is the Klingenfuss Shortwave Guide.

        1. Jim Tedford

          A new edition of the guide comes out twice a year: a spring/summer edition and a fall/winter edition. You do have to buy each new edition (unless you subscribe to Kindle unlimited) but the two editions together cost less than the WRTVH. And, being an ebook, you can search it.

  5. Harald DL1AX

    Sad news, many thanks for producing the WRTH many years.

    The “WRTH B21 Bargraph on CD and Download” is available now, which also is a very useful info source for DXing.

  6. Tom Stiles

    Bummer. I use that resource a lot and just did a YouTube on the newest version but I did not know it was the last version.

    Tom Stiles


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