Denis wins an incredibly rare ZOE (Tristan Da Cuhna) QSL at auction

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Denis, who writes:

Dear Thomas,

Following the article about the ZOE QSL card a few years ago, I came across another QSL at an Australian auction house.
I bought it. Still waiting for it.

I enclose the picture of the lot I obtained. Names have been erased.

As Dan wrote, it is quite possible that other cards may surface one day.

best 73’s from Paris

Thank you for sharing this, Denis. I agree with Dan as well–perhaps more ZOE QSL cards will eventually surface. With that said, I believe it’ll remain one of the rarest QSL cards out there. By the way, it’s a nice bonus that the auction included a ham radio QSL card as well!

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3 thoughts on “Denis wins an incredibly rare ZOE (Tristan Da Cuhna) QSL at auction

  1. Dan

    This is an amazing find. Have to wonder who the DXer
    was that received it….date is 1973
    So, now we know of three of these cards still surviving.
    Two are in my collection.


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