Tuning in Ukrainian Radio and State Of Emergency Includes Amateur Radio Ban

Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo by @lifeinkyiv)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, who shares the following note he also posted to Glenn Hauser’s io group:

As we know, Radio Ukraine International, a.k.a. Ukrainian Radio, is no longer on SW except perhaps for a one-hour German-language relay from a low-power transmitter in Germany. It is also on satellite but that doesn’t help too many. But RUI can be easily accessed on the Web from a couple of URLs:

During the continuous 24-hour streaming, a one-hour English segment is broadcast four times per day (all times UTC ):
21:00 – 22:00
23:00 – 24:00
02:00 – 03:00
13:00 – 14:00

It appears that the first new broadcast of the day is at 21:00 – 22:00 and is then repeated in the following slots.

At other times, there are segments in Ukrainian, Russian, German, and Romanian.
Please let me know if I got anything wrong here.

UPDATE (24 Feb 2022): WRMI has resumed broadcasts of Radio Ukraine International. Click here for details.

Ban on amateur radio in Ukraine (The Kyiv Independent)

Ukraine has declared a state of emergency in all of Ukraine except for eastern Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts starting on Feb. 24.

The parliament approved the decree introduced by President Volodymyr Zelensky on Feb. 23, as the threat of Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine continues to grow.

Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts already have a special legal status because of Russia’s ongoing occupation since 2014.

Restrictions introduced by the state of emergency are due to last 30 days and will vary depending on the region.

The state of emergency allows the authorities to temporarily limit the public’s constitutional rights.

The decree green-lights the following measures:

    • increased public order protection and security;
    • checks of identification documents of civilians and frisking if necessary;
    • ban on protests;
    • temporary or permanent evacuation of people from dangerous areas and providing them with accomodation;
    • ban on relocation of conscripts and reservists without notice;
    • ban on producing and spreading information that may “destabilize the situation”;
    • ban on amateur radio transmitting devices.

Other measures that may be implemented “if necessary” include:

    • a curfew;
    • a special regime of entry and exit;
    • ban on mass events;
    • “special rules” for spreading information online.
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15 thoughts on “Tuning in Ukrainian Radio and State Of Emergency Includes Amateur Radio Ban

    1. Mark Fahey

      It could be blocking – but perhaps was an unexpected demand beyond the normal traffic loads and the web server couldn’t respond in time. Ukrainians continue to Skype, FaceTime etc – so the internet still functions – at least at the moment.

      Most of the commercial FM stations are still online streaming – right now I’m listening to XIT-FM and a few minutes ago was listening to Radio ROX FM. Both stations are running in automation with no announcements or commercials, so I guess there is now no presentation staff actually at the studios.

      1. Mark Fahey

        Just an update (now that I have been listening longer) – ROX FM and XIT-FM (and perhaps all the other Tavr Media stations) are doing news headlines occasionally in between the continuous music and jingles, but there is no presenter or DJ type bridging / announcing.

    1. Alisdair

      Is Radio Ukraine International no longer producing foreign language programming due to the war? I was trying to see if I could find an on demand recording that I could stream of their most recent English newscast. I can’t find one. Somebody on Facebook claimed in a comment that what is being broadcast via relay on WRMI is now in Ukrainian. I don’t know if they’re mistaken or if this is accurate information. It would make sense that their international division would not be the priority but I’d appreciate some insight (some form of confirmation of that source).

      1. William

        Yep, that’s the impression I get. I’ve been tuning in to the live stream a lot and all I’m getting is what sounds like a live simulcast in Ukranian, I haven’t heard any English programming.

        (Radio Romania is of course still going strong.)

  1. TomL

    Hal Turner had some interesting info tonight on WRMI, including 4 Russian aircraft jamming Eastern Ukraine radio of all types and spectrum. His sources said Ukraine has been shelling the breakaway republics for the last week with a small number of civilians being killed plus attempted incursions by the Ukraine Army yesterday. He also mentioned Ukraine’s FBI-type agency was burning documents, tanks being rushed to Kiev, and the President’s family may have been moved to Poland.

    Ukraine has an interesting history of being manipulated between Superpowers. I was also surprised to learn that modern Ukraine was created by the Bolshevik Communists taking land away from parts of Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Russia in their successful civil war in 1922. Many years later, Khrushchev of the Soviet Union GAVE Crimea to Ukraine as some sort of reward for loyalty. Now that Communist Soviets are gone, these little enclaves of Russians want to return to their original pre-Communist life (which they all voted to do). I was also surprised to learn that the CIA funded the Maidan uprising in 2014 using a far-right-wing neo nazi group, who is now in power. Quite a complicated history.

    1. Fred

      Really! All Provences of Ukraine voted for the current President. Only a small portion of ethnic Russians didn’t. The citizens of Ukraine made their statement with a vote and the guy with a napoleon complex in Russia didn’t like it. I guess poisoning his own citizens even in foreign lands wasn’t enough!

    2. David P

      You’re just regurgitating Russian propaganda justifications for invading a sovereign nation, taking away democracy and installing another pro-Kremlin dictator. Yes the creation of the Ukraine as a distinct entity is a relatively modern thing, but it follows historical precedent: Ukrainians are a distinct people with a rich history and their own language. When the Soviet Union collapsed there was an independence vote and over 90% of the people voted for independence. Let Ukrainians decide what they want to do with their future, not superpower bullies from Russia or their foreign apologists.

      Imagine if Russia decided to do the same with Alaska, and retake what was once “theirs”, those Trumpians and others on the right now bending the knee to Putin and his invasion would soon change their tune.

  2. Mike N7MSD

    This is probably for posterity, but the invasion began Thursday morning. Among other things, a Russian bot apparently got all the Ukraine news Twitter accounts suspended so they could no longer report. With amateur radio now banned, only foreign news outlets are able to send anything at this moment.

  3. Fred Waterer

    I caught the last few minutes of the 0200-0300 English segment. They gave out snail mail and email addresses for listener comments and reception reports. Now might be a good time to resume relaying via WRMI.
    At 0300 they went into Russian with quite an upbeat sounding program.


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