Stations that accept reception reports and QSL?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Hyun Woo P., who writes:

I’m interested in SWLing and I have collected some station QSLs and confirmation (RFA, VOA, NHK, RTI, and time stations such as BPM, and HLA).

I would like to know of other stations that I can listen to and send reception reports.

Please let me know.

My receiver is Tecsun PL-680 and my location is a city in South Korea.

Best Regards, Hyun Woo P.

Thank you for your question.

There are a number of shortwave stations that still appreciate reception reports and acknowledge them with a QSL or letter. I know that you can add Radio Romania International, Radio Prague, and WRMI to your list, but it’s been a while since I’ve requested a QSL from a shortwave station.

Readers: if you’ve recently received a QSL or acknowledgement after sharing a reception report, please comment with the station name. Thank you!

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15 thoughts on “Stations that accept reception reports and QSL?

  1. Klaus-Peter Hilger

    Nahezu jede Radiostation freut sich über Reaktionen von Hörern. Die meisten Sender bestätigen Empfangsberichte per e-Mail bzw. PDF Datei. QSL-Karten oder Briefe per Post sind heute eher die Ausnahme.

  2. Brendon Agpasa

    We do confirmation of reception reports for ABC Australia, BBC World Service, Voice of America and other Australian and overseas radio stations will be received a few times and enjoy the listening pleasures as well.

  3. justrecently

    Voice of Mongolia’s Chinese service confirmed my report in 2019.

    So does a German radio museum broadcasting club, “Welle 370”, located near Berlin, who use airtime via Moosbrunn/Austria and a number of smaller stations. They are on air several times a month.

    And Radio Argentina al Exterior – broadcasting in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish – will send you an e-QSL, but no postal QSL, unfortunately.

  4. Tony

    Pop Shop Radio, which is my show and is not a station as such, does QSL for my relays on Channel292 and WRMI. I really like getting reception reports and send out a QSL card, a window cling sticker, and other goodies as available — just like SW stations did in the old days. Here’s our schedule:
    3955 & 6070 khz – Wed 1600 UTC & Sat 2200 UTC (2300 first Sat of the month)
    3955 & 9670 for North America with Pop Shop Radio Soul Time – First Friday of month at 2200 UTC
    5950 9PM EDT Sunday (0100 UTC Monday)

  5. Bruce Churchill

    Radio Prague QSL’d for a Longwave reception on 270 KHz
    Most of the German and Dutch. low-powered SW stations QSL
    Vatican Radio QSLs
    Stations that use Channel 292 in Germany usually QSL
    Radio TV Malaysian stations on SW QSL
    Radio Cairo QSLs
    Radio Thailand QSLs
    Beyond Reach in Australia QSLs
    4KZ in Innisfail Queensland (Australia) QSLs
    La Voz tu Conciencia in Colombia QSLs
    KSDA and KTWR on Guam QSL
    Many stations that use Moosbrunn Austria and Armenia for relays QSL
    Solomon Islands and Vanuatu do not QSL

  6. Tim Brockett

    I have DXed and requested QSL cards for 50+ years.
    Unfortunately, my collection was lost in a fire in 2006.
    This year I created an online catalog for QSL cards received since the fire. I only started it in January so only a few cards are posted. But I have a box of them that I will be posting in May.
    I like to DX short and medium waves. I only know English so that limits me a bit.
    Very few commercial radio stations on the AM or Medium wave band respond to QSL requests anymore in the US. Even some clear channel stations like WBBM in Chicago no longer offer QSL cards. Shortwave stations I have better luck with.
    Here is the link:

  7. Abigail

    Voice of Korea tend to QSL sporadically, but I doubt that would be a viable QSL opportunity for the post author who lives in South Korea. It does work from time-to-time for those of us in the rest of the world, though. I personally know people who have received a QSL and various other items from VOK – propaganda books, English-language newspapers, etc.

  8. Paul JAMET

    May I complete the list?

    – Radio Free Asia and Polskie Radio have sent me QSL cards after sending audio files because I don’t understand the languages of the RFA (Asian languages) and Polskie Radio (German) programs.

    – Radio Slovakia International confirms reception reports with QSL cards

    – The Voice of Vietnam and Radio China International also send QSL cards… But I have not received any answer from these stations for months!

    I have published scans of QSL on the site of Radio Club du Perche :

  9. Harald DL1AX

    There are several bulletins published by DX clubs reporting every month about QSLs received by listeners. You can also download free editions of Italian “DX Fanzine”, compiled by experienced DXers and QSL collectors: Have a look at their monthly “QSL Review”.


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