Video: Frans compares the GRAHN GS5 SE – VLF2 with a large loop antenna

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Frans Goddijn, who shares the following note and video originally posted on his blog:

Mr Grahn of had to stop working for a couple of months (medical reasons) but now he is back and I was able to get one of his highly sensitive Very Low Frequency modules to fit on my Grahn GS5-SE antenna tuner.

As before, the delicate device (“treat like glassware, do not throw”) was extremely well packed for its safe and intact arrival.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Click here to view Frans’ post which includes additional photos. 

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3 thoughts on “Video: Frans compares the GRAHN GS5 SE – VLF2 with a large loop antenna

  1. Andre

    I looks for this antenne
    But the site is last updates in 2018, i did not get a really good feeling about that.

    So i thinking to look for a another active loop maybe?

    Kind regards

  2. Frans

    Mr Jacob Brodsky wrote me that he suspects the lab supply powering an antenna signal amplifier may introduce noise to the signal, especially the longish cable that I am using on it.
    I found that interesting so I bought a 9V battery and made a shorter connection from it to the amp.
    Here I switch between llab power supply and 9V battery and I also move the power supply way back to see if that decreases noise.
    I also test it with the power supply switched off, in case a noise radiation from it would cause noise through any of the wires into the receiver:

  3. Frans

    PS I did another one during daylight, better visiblity, and by the wide open window which seemed to give a bit more clarity (although that may have been imaginary)


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