Soldering is Easy: An amazing soldering primer in comic book form

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Goren, who shares a link to this PDF which is a primer on soldering…in comic book form!

Thing is, this primer is brilliantly illustrated and all of the soldering techniques are truly textbook. No wonder, though: the amazing Mitch Altman provided the “Soldering Wisdom.” (You might recall my love of Mitch’s TV-B-Gone kit.)

David didn’t know this, but I use this comic guide very heavily when teaching classes or individuals how to solder. It connects with all generations of makers and tinkerers.

It is the benchmark, in my opinion!

Mitch specifically designed this tutorial to be spread widely, so he licensed it under Creative Commons. Share this widely!

Click here to download the full PDF.

I’ve also stored a backup copy here on the SWLing Post.

Thanks for reminding me about this tutorial, David!

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5 thoughts on “Soldering is Easy: An amazing soldering primer in comic book form

  1. Dave mason

    Seems to me we all need a refresher now ‘n then. Even if ya think ya know it all, this is a fun read! Thanks, David

  2. Frank

    Fantastic explanation! Thank you very much, David. This is just as good as sitting next to a teacher demonstrating the steps one after another.

  3. rtc

    An Excellent guide.
    But be careful to have a fan running on low in the background when
    using tin/lead solder to carry away the fumes.
    Repeated breathing of the lead fumes will -over time- lead to appendicitis .
    No one told my late father or me this when we got into the radio hobby
    years ago and we built our quota of Heathkits,Knight Kits,Eico etc.
    As a result the OM’s appendix ruptered,mine leaked,my mother’s
    was removed intact…a good ham friend’s ruptured and his son’s
    appendix had to be removed like my mom’s.
    This may sound ridiculous but you don’t want to wind up with a scar to
    prove it?.

  4. Craig

    This is great. I am no novice at soldering. This is very well done. I will pass this on to my daughter.


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