WBOB: Last minute 50 kW DX test on 600 kHz

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who notes that he has only a few details about what appears to be a last minute DX test of WBOB in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to Paul’s source, WBOB on 600 kHz will be running 50 kilowatts from midnight to 3:00 AM local (04:00-07:00 UTC) on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Paul’s source noted the test will take place Friday and possibly Saturday nights, but technically these are early Saturday and Sunday times.

We’ve no other details, but Paul wanted to share what info he has. Thanks, Paul!

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2 thoughts on “WBOB: Last minute 50 kW DX test on 600 kHz

  1. Tim Brockett

    Listened for 30 minutes from Kinston, North Carolina. Used Kiwi SDR radio. Saw and heard sweeps, tones, and morse code. I emailed a reception report to the station manager of WBOB. His email is on the station website. Sent him a few screenshots too. I tried SDRs in Alabama and further north too. No luck though.
    Thanks, Paul for sharing this test broadcast information.
    Tim Brockett

  2. Robert Richmond

    Peaking over S9+20 near Tampa at 0440 UTC. 148′ shielded coaxial loop-on-ground antenna. No preamp needed.


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