Listening to Shortwave Australia this morning

I’m traveling at present and staying in a hotel where, let’s just say, QRM is heavy.

I decided to cruise the KiwiSDR network and found myself on the VK2GGC KiwiSDR in Hunter Valley NSW, Australia. As I was band-scanning, I stumbled upon Shortwave Australia on 4,835 kHz around 9:40 UTC.

It was great hearing this low power shortwave broadcaster on the air again!  Check out the recording below with ID:

Click here to download audio.

WebSDRs are such a wonderful resource when you truly need to escape QRM. It’s fun to travel the globe and tune through the bands like a local. Again, it’s great to hear Shortwave Australia again–I’m curious if anyone has logged them as DX from home.

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6 thoughts on “Listening to Shortwave Australia this morning

  1. Mario Filippi

    There are also some FAX (facsimile) stations from Australia that you can receive, they’re a challenge, but with the right conditions you can get some pretty decent images. Using an SDR dongle and software like FLDIGI plus a good outdoor antenna will work.

  2. Jason

    Not quite DX but I can hear them on 4835KHz from Adelaide, just off the whip antenna of a Portable. Not sure where the transmitter is located for this one but I believe the power is under 100 watts.
    There are also on 2310 KHz but I couldn’t hear it from down here (it was after sunset).

  3. adi

    Yes, KiwiSdr is great way to overcome part of the noise with “few miles” jump to a favorable QTH.
    For me it’s the only way for some SWLing as almost nothing interesting is beamed to my area and surly not much effective in a big city with just D808 or 7600G…..

  4. Jock Elliott

    Tried 4835 on the mighty Satellit 800 from the wilds of upstate NY at around 1100 UTC, Engaged the MFJ 1045C; could hear something in addition to tons of noise; cranked up the gain. Could definitely hear something modulating in the background sounded like it might be music but could not make it out. Plugged in the BHI noise reduction module, but the noise was way too heavy; reducing the noise also reduced the signal.

    Still, it was fun to try.

    Cheers, Jock

    1. jack dully

      Jock,which BHI unit do you have ? I bought the Dual unit and use it with a passive voice speaker,it also has an headphone jack,if I wish to use.It is not a miracle worker,as you know with particularlly weak signals amidst ever present noise but I find it magical, for the most part.I wish it was around 30-40 years ago in what I call the “Golden Time” of shortwave listening.ENJOY

  5. John VE3IPS

    Tom, the 9580 khz days are over

    I will check the 1985 WRTH but that was the North American frequency


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